Pomegranate cortex with dysbacteriosis and pomegranate treatment

Do not immediately throw away the peel from the pomegranate, because then they can help you greatly. Such a folk remedy is an excellent option for the therapy of intestinal disorders. It is a real first aid without the use of medication. They are considered one of the most useful remedies in folk medicine. So, they are used in the case of diarrhea, which may be a symptom of a violation of the intestinal microflora, i.e., dysbiosis.

Recipes of traditional medicine will be able to tell you how to apply pomegranate cortex in dysbacteriosis correctly and with high efficiency.

Dysbacteriosis can occur in any season and for various reasons. Thus, the symptoms of intestinal microflora disorders can be expressed in liquid stools, vomiting, nausea, and painful sensations. Do not immediately rush for medications, since if you have dried pomegranate crusts, you can get unique help with dysbiosis.

Pomegranate crusts have a unique ability to suppress pathogens in the intestinal cavity. It is known that conventional medicines have the property of destroying not only pathogenic microbes, but also useful ones. At the same time, local immunity suffers greatly. But pomegranate crusts with dysbiosis have a purposeful effect on pathogens, while not affecting the functionality of the beneficial microflora of the intestine.

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Treatment of dysbacteriosis with pomegranate crusts is quite effective. To prepare the infusion from them, it is necessary to add the dried raw materials in a quantity of 15 g to the heated glassware and brew in 300 ml of boiled water. After half an hour under the saucer, the medicine can be consumed. Treatment of a dysbacteriosis with a grenade is spent according to the scheme:

  • The first portion - on an empty stomach in the morning 30 ml.
  • Second portion - after three and a half hours 30 ml.
  • Third portion - after another three and a half hours 30 ml.
  • Fourth portion - before going to bed after three and a half hours 30 ml.

Pomegranate peels in the dried state are a unique medicinal product that is given to man by nature itself. The appointment of such a folk remedy should be done by the attending physician.

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