What to do in case of an acute attack of stomach ulcers?

Stupid or aching pain in the stomach is periodically replaced by pronounced cutting sensations, which are characterized by an acute attack of ulcers. This condition can cause seasonal weather changes, heavy physical exertion, drinking, fatty or spicy food in large quantities. That's why gastroenterologists always warn their patients about possible exacerbations, recommending a measured lifestyle, adhering to dietary habits, completely giving up alcohol and cigarettes. But not all people follow these recommendations, and therefore attacks of stomach ulcers occur with them with a certain regularity.

How to relieve an attack of ulcers yourself?

Naturally, when there is an attack of peptic ulcer, it is best to call a doctor right away. But sometimes this is not possible, for example, when a person is out of town. In this case, you have to eliminate unpleasant symptoms with the help of available drugs or improvised means.

First of all, it is necessary to provide the patient with complete peace. It is also necessary to temporarily, at least before the examination by a doctor, refuse to take any food. From medicines you can take a couple of tablets No-Shpa or Papaverina. The fact is that the symptoms of an attack of stomach ulcers are based on the spasmolytic pain caused by the reduction of the walls of the muscular sac, and No-Shpa and Papaverin are antispasmodics. At the same time, they should be taken very cautiously to people suffering from hypotension, since it is possible to lower the pressure.

If there are no drugs, normal baking soda that will quickly reduce acidity and stop painfulness will do. But it is not recommended to abuse sodium bicarbonate, as with constant intake, it provokes an even greater release of hydrochloric acid. Soda is only allowed to remove acute symptoms of the disease, when there is no available medications. After this, you should immediately go to the doctor.

A good remedy for an acute attack of an ulcer is the mashed egg yolk of a fresh chicken egg, mixed with cocoa powder, honey and butter, taken in approximately the same volume. A homogeneous mass is taken every 3 hours for 1 tbsp.spoon. You can consume food after taking the medicine no sooner than in half an hour.

Prepared by this recipe mixture very quickly removes the symptoms of the first attack of peptic ulcer. To exclude relapses, it is recommended to continue taking it for two weeks.

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