Trichopolum in the treatment of gastric ulcer

Proven by time and clinical trials, the drug Trichopol for an ulcer is prescribed in a complex therapy of the disease. The mechanism of action is based on its antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties. The drug in the therapy of peptic ulcer is used to suppress the vital activity of the simplest parasitic organisms. Independent uncontrolled use of this drug is prohibited due to the development of unforeseen side effects. Therefore, it is important that the dosage and treatment regimen is made by a gastroenterologist.

Often, acne on the face indicates a failure in the gastrointestinal tract and is directly related to peptic ulcer disease, which has passed into a chronic form. But it is known that it is the metabolites - the products of microorganisms' vital activity that are quickly removed from the body through the skin, which explains the origin of acne. In combination with antibiotics, the treatment of ulcers with Trichopolum is suppressed by the causative agent of the pathological process - Helicobacter pylori.

The second non-proprietary name of the drug is Metronidazole, it is this antibacterial component that is the main active substance. The drug is introduced into the DNA structure of microbes sensitive to it and destroys them from the inside. Vulnerabilities are susceptible to any protozoan microorganisms that provoke intestinal infections. In modern medical practice, Trichopolum with gastric ulcer is added to the therapy scheme in which Amoxicillin is present.

Trichopol for gastric ulcer

Treated by medical standards, gastric ulcer treatment Trichopolis is allowed in acid-dependent cases associated with Helicobacter pylori infection. Active ingredient - Metronidazole has the property to stimulate the process of intestinal wall repair. In the event that the three-component scheme of the first line did not give a positive result, the drug is suggested to be added to the eradication therapy in a four-component treatment regimen for the second line.

Tactics of treatment looks approximately as follows: Trichopolum 500 mg - 3 times a day + drug with active substance Bismuth subcitrate - 4 times a day / 120 mg + Amoxicillin 500 mg - 4 times a day + Omeprazole 20 mg - 2 times a day. Usually the course of therapy is designed for 2 weeks.

In this scheme, Amoxicillin provides oppression of Helicobacter pylori microbes and stops their ability to develop resistance to Trichopolum, so combination therapy always yields good results.

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