Causes of dizziness in early and late pregnancy

1 Reasons for the appearance of an unpleasant symptom

This condition is extremely unpleasant. In addition, this symptom, as a rule, is accompanied by nausea and signs such as loss of balance and noise in the ears. It should be understood that the head during pregnancy can be circling both due to the physiological process, and pathological.

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So, a physiological symptom can develop due to excessive irritation of the vestibular apparatus. Such dizziness can arise during a trip in the car. This can happen if the pregnant woman begins to perform rotational movements or simply looks at objects that rotate.

When progesterone affects the vascular wall, this also leads to the indicated state, and the manifestation in this case will be very strong. This physiological process is aimed at strengthening the uterine blood flow, while also increasing the blood supply of the child, but the remaining organs of the pregnant woman begin to experience a deficiency in the blood supply, in particular, the brain. Therefore, there is a strong dizziness.

From this unpleasant state, women can suffer both early and late.

As for the pathological dizziness in pregnant women, it appears due to some chronic or acute illness. Often, the general weakness of the female body, including dizziness, appears during the jumps in blood pressure( this can be both under reduced and elevated pressure).In this case, you should be extremely cautious. So, for example, when the head is dizzy during the second trimester pregnancy precisely for this reason, it most likely indicates that the future mother developed anemia. Deficiency of oxygen very often occurs when the baby is born. This explains why the head began to spin.

It is necessary for this problem to prick up and those women who are in the third trimester, because in this case this danger is threatened.

In addition, it is important to remember that some diets that future moms try to adhere to, so as not to lose a figure, can also cause the same condition. Due to malnutrition, the level of glucose decreases, and this leads to nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, in particular, to dizziness.

If, during pregnancy, there are abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid gland, this also leads to the above problems.

However, many women take this symptom for the main sign of pregnancy and for this reason pay little attention to their health, but this is not always correct. Therefore, if a girl before pregnancy already had problems with the thyroid gland, she should definitely tell this to a specialist who observes her. He should send her to a consultation with the endocrinologist.

Vertigo may indicate heart disease, tumor disease, heart rhythm disturbance.

Nevertheless, one should not get very frightened if the head starts spinning early. Most likely, it speaks about usual toxicosis. But still need to consult a doctor. Do not confine yourself to eating. Often, pregnant women, because of fear of another urge to vomit, try to eat as little as possible. But they only harm their health. In addition, experts note that it is regular meals that can help get rid of toxemia.

2 How to avoid this problem?

Before you begin to experience because of frequent dizziness, you should definitely see a doctor. In addition, women in the situation need to know that yet this condition can be very dangerous. It can also be fraught with unpleasant consequences.

So, a loss of balance can lead to a fall and injury. This symptom can act as an additional stress factor, which is very undesirable regardless of the gestational age.


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It is better to contact the doctor immediately at the first appearance of dizziness also because even an experienced specialist is difficult to determine the true cause of the head spin and malaise. Therefore, this can take a lot of time.

If you contact a doctor in time, then the risk of developing a serious disease that will harm both the female body and the fetus is increased.

If this problem caught the expectant mother unawares, she should immediately try to take as comfortable a position as possible, which will help to avoid injury. But it's best to lie down while you head around, and you need to raise your legs slightly. In this situation, the influx of blood into the brain will increase, and the problem will go away.

Drinking regime should also be adjusted. Water needs to be taken a lot, since it is the liquid that participates in the metabolic processes. It should be remembered that hunger can cause a presyncope, so we should not forget about constant snacks. Food should be rich in iron, so in the diet should be present meat dishes and fruits such as apple and pomegranate. If dizziness was caused by the low blood pressure of the pregnant woman, then you should drink a small amount of tea or loose coffee. These drinks can be replaced with ginseng or eleutherococcus. If the pressure is increased, then products such as milk or a ginger-based beverage will help. Take these or other medications during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.

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There are some preventative measures that can help prevent this symptom. So, it is necessary to try to avoid those premises that are poorly ventilated. Sharply get up from bed too it is forbidden. Everything must be done slowly and without haste. Every day should take the right number of calories, and limit yourself to eating is strictly prohibited. If a woman who has a child has any specific illnesses, then one should consult a specialist without fail.

3 Recommendations for girls with reduced vascular tone

Very often this problem occurs those girls who have reduced vascular tone. In this case, you must also observe some rules that can easily relieve this symptom. The general strengthening activities will be described by a specialist, since they are appointed individually.

In addition, you should pay attention to vitaminized nutrition.

Also it is necessary to observe a mode of reception of meal and correctly to alternate work with rest. Moreover, to regulate vascular tone, you can resort to special water procedures. This includes a contrast shower. If the future mother will alternate with dousing with warm water and cool, then this will have a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the woman.

This can be handled independently, but if it is a question of any pathology, then without the help of a specialist can not do. The doctor will conduct a survey and prescribe medications that can be taken during pregnancy.

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