Carnation seasoning: medicinal properties

Popular Carnation is famous for a long time. The application is very common. It is used as a spice in culinary recipes. Among other seasonings, it is distinguished by a specific sharp smell, burning taste. Carnation seasoning, the medicinal properties of which are known from the forefathers, will help get rid of many serious diseases.

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What is made of spice? Seasoning is the dried, unopened buds of a clove tree, the home of which is the country of Indonesia. It looks like a small carnation, the hat exudes a sharp spicy aroma, the leg has a burning taste.

As a seasoning, it is very rich in composition. It includes minerals, acids, vitamins A and B, essential oils.

Among the minerals can be identified:

  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • zinc;
  • sodium;
  • phosphorus;
  • selenium;
  • manganese;
  • magnesium.

The main component of the seasoning is eugenol, contained in essential oil, and causes a sharp odor, as well as a wide range of medicinal properties.

The healing properties of

Spice of carnation is able to exert various therapeutic actions on the human body. Many people use seasoning for therapeutic purposes, as an anesthetic, antispasmodic, cleansing, antiseptic, soothing, carminative, diaphoretic.

Used in all sections of medicine. With the help of seasoning you can remove toothache, eliminate periodontal disease, caries, stomatitis. You just need to chew the dried bud and rub the gum, powdered, with a product. It will eliminate the bad breath.

Helps to get rid of frequent headaches, for this purpose it is necessary to mix it in equal quantities with cinnamon and almonds, chop, pour boiling water, until the formation of a sparse gruel. Kashitsu put on a clean gauze fabric and applied in the form of an application on a sore spot.

People with high blood pressure can get rid of it with the help of seasoning. Several buds are poured with boiling water, then drink the broth three times a day. Such an application is used to relieve attacks of bronchial asthma.

To eliminate debilitating hiccups, milk is boiled with a few dry buds, drunk in small sips, a striped oral cavity. Clove milk will help you cope with sore throat.

A great application of dry clove got in gynecology. It eliminates menstrual pain, helps with delivery, promotes rejuvenation of the female reproductive system, helps to cope with infertility.

Binds the digestive system, improves appetite, promotes better digestion, helps with intestinal diseases such as colic, flatulence, diarrhea.

Important! Application in medicine has reached a wide range, so clove oil is used for rubbing with pulmonary inflammations, clove broth is used to wipe purulent wounds, burns, cuts, for quick healing.


Using the prescriptions of traditional healers, which include dry buds, you need to be careful. Since the carnation is not suitable for everyone and has some contraindications.

  1. You can not use oil as a medicine, people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, ulcer.
  2. Can not be used by pregnant, lactating women, since the burning of the seasoning will lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus, provokes an abortion. When feeding a child, you can not use spice, it helps to change the taste of milk. The child will throw a breast.
  3. It is not recommended to use spice for people with low blood pressure and violent mental disorders.
  4. You can not give broths and other products from carnations to children under three years old.

The basis of all the side effects arising from the use is the individual intolerance of the components that make up the dry clove bud.

Application in cooking

Carnation is widely used in cooking because of its unique aroma.

  1. Spice is used to prepare various marinades for meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.
  2. Carnation spice is used for canning vegetables for the winter. This helps improve the taste of canned cucumber, tomato, other vegetables.
  3. Still spice very often use for preparation of sausage products.

When you buy on the market you can find prefabricated condiments, which include carnation.

Tip! How to check the quality of food cloves at home? You need to throw a few buds in hot or cold water. They must sink to the bottom of the glass, this is facilitated by a large content of oils. If buds float on the surface, the seasoning is not quality, empty.

Use seasoning for cooking purposes also with caution. Add to the dish in small amounts, otherwise the clove flavor can smash the taste of the main product.

How to prepare a dish with spices? It should be remembered that with prolonged heat treatment of various dishes, spices should be added after cooking only, otherwise the aroma will evaporate, and the stinging will remain, which will give the dish an unpleasant taste.

Application in folk medicine from parasites

The use in folk medicine has been going on for a long time. Medicinal formulations containing seasoning or oil are various. Each recipe allows you to fully discover all the useful properties of spices.

If you decide to consult such recipes, it is important to learn the full information, find out why it helps, how to prepare broths and tinctures, what doses to use, and also how useful and harm that can cause a person.

Many have heard about the healing properties, but do not know how to take cloves for medicinal purposes. Using from parasites, it is important to know what kind of worms you have found. You can apply clove powder yourself, or with other anthelmintic agents.

Several buds are ground into powder, and they take it a few hours before eating, washed down with a glass of boiled cold water. The course starts with taking seven grams, each time increasing the dose. Duration of admission is a month, taken three times a day. Getting rid of worms, continue to take clove powder once a week, for prevention.

It is drunk against parasites, combining wormwood with tusk grass, tansy:

  1. Tansy grass, wormwood, dry cloves grind to a powdery structure.
  2. Use one teaspoon of powder one time before eating, with a glass of water.

Treatment lasts three weeks.

Tip! The herbaceous herb collection has an unpleasant bitter taste, honey is added to eliminate it.

Another medicinal recipe that will help you get rid of all types of helminths once and for all.

  1. To 10 grams of clove powder add 100 grams of flax seed powder.
  2. Take every day one time to 25 grams of dry mixture, which is one tablespoon.
  3. Course of 30 days, taking the scheme: 3 days reception, then one day rest and so on.

These are the main recipes for getting rid of worms, but there are many others in combination with walnut, and other herbs that have anti-parasite effects on humans.

Powder, made from dried buds, will help get rid of fungal diseases, expel other viruses and microbacteria from the body.

Using clove for weight loss

Using spice for weight loss it is important to observe all the proportions of recipes so as not to harm your body and get the maximum effect.

For the normalization of weight, the same effect is exerted by the use of clove oil and cloves in the form of spices. With the help of essential oil, anti-cellulite massage of the body is done, which helps to burn excess fats and smooth out under the skin. To obtain a similar result, the oil is used for wrapping.

Important! Weight loss is promoted by the use of tea, which contains clove powder.

In pharmacy chains, you can find a medical product called clove oil. Packed in small flakonchiki, several milligrams. It is a natural essential oil, a high degree of purification. Use the drug should be strictly according to the attached instructions. The use of essential oil is identical to the healing properties of cloves in the form of seasoning.

As a seasoning, carnation takes an honorable place among the folk medicine formulations, it is important to know why it is useful and how to properly take. The use is different, but more is used as an anesthetic. It is even known that with the aid of a decoction of a carnation the pain of mosquito bites in children is relieved.

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