Treatment of giardiasis folk remedies: herbs, decoctions, tinctures

Lamblias are well-known parasites that penetrate human inorganic structures together with dirty hands, drinking water or unwashed products.

The parasite is localized predominantly in the small intestine structures, although it can choose liver, pancreas and other organs for residence.

Giardiasis can develop latent, but more often it manifests itself as a noticeable disorder of the entire gastrointestinal apparatus. The disease proceeds with pain and bloating, diarrhea and increased gas formation, the stool is diluted, becoming watery in nature.

Infection is more often detected in children who are less responsible for personal hygiene, and gastric acidity in children is much lower. In adults, the highest concentration of stomach acid contributes to the dissolution of parasites infiltrating it.

As is known, traditional medicamentous therapy of giardiasis is carried out in several consecutive stages, in each of which the patient takes certain groups of medicinal products.

Getting rid of parasites is difficult and not always successful in the first treatment, so to improve the therapeutic effect and additional support of weakened parasites, you can use the methods of folk treatment, which are represented by a variety of recipes for patients of the child and adult group.

Methods of treating giardiasis with folk remedies

Folk remedies for the therapy of giardiasis are good because they affect the body gently. In contrast to pharmacy products, such drugs do not have such a strong effect on the body, and therefore do not adversely affect the intestinal microflora.

To treat the lambliasis with folk remedies, not one generation of our ancestors tried, because the disease has existed for quite a long time. Since Giardia simply adore the sweet, for the time of treatment it is necessary to give up any sweets and add to the diet more acidic fruits and juices.

You can fight parasites with various methods - cooking tinctures on herbs, vegetable crops and other medicinal products.


Phytotherapy of giardiasis is aimed at creating the most unfavorable conditions for the existence of parasites.

In the treatment of herbs, which have a helminthic effect. Usually, herbs are used for home treatment of chronic cholecystitis or duodenitis of lambliosis origin.

For the preparation of medicines, we use herbs and other vegetable raw materials with anti-loblizal and antiparasitic properties such as birch leaves and buds, bitter wormwood, tansy and yarrow, celandine or wild rosemary, shoots of pine and black poplar, fruits and leaves of actinidia, as well as the root part of giraffeor a white chamois.

In the process of folk treatment it is recommended to observe the strictest dietary diet, only with this approach treatment will give proper effects. It is necessary to eat more sour-milk products, meat and sour vegetables / fruits. But the sweet and sausage will have to be abandoned. Here are some effective recipes, which are often used to treat giardiasis.

Kidney buds. They contain phytoncides and flavonoid substances that destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Also, birch buds are endowed with choleretic and helminthic properties. Take a broth for the preparation of which 5-6 pieces of birch buds need to pour 200 ml of water from the kettle, after which the mixture is boiled for a quarter of an hour, cooled and filtered. The course of treatment with such a remedy is about 2-3 weeks, during which the environment that destroys cysts and destroys adult lamblia will form in the patient's body.
  • Broth from celandine. To make it, a large spoonful of dry raw material is poured into 0.3 liters of boiled running water and placed in a bath, where the infusion is heated for half an hour. Then it is cooled, filtered, squeezed the grass and added another 0.2 liters of water from the kettle. Admission should be done within one and a half weeks twice a day for ½ of a large spoon after digestion.
  • Also effective treatment of Giardiasis tansy. Broth from the flowers of this plant should be treated for 5 days. About 30-40 g of dry raw materials are steamed with 0.6 liters of boiling water and aged for about ¾ hours. Take a decoction of 100 ml.
  • Broths

    Well proven in the treatment of Giardiasis and a variety of decoctions. But they need to be prepared shortly before admission, so that the medicine is fresh, then the effectiveness of such treatment will be maximum. For the preparation of home remedies, it is better to purchase raw materials in pharmacies.

    1. Decoction of aspen. The preparation of this product will require kidneys, foliage and tree bark. All mixed, take 3 large spoons of a dry mixture and steam 1 liter of boiling water from the kettle, leaving for half an hour. The broth is planted, and then consumed within a half to two weeks.
    2. Wormwood decoction of .Take the herb wormwood in the amount of a large spoon and steal it with boiling water( 0.2 liters), withstood for half an hour the raw material is filtered and taken three times a day by a large spoon. The course of treatment is a month.

    tinctures Due to its high therapeutic effect, all sorts of alcoholic tinctures have become very popular due to the high therapeutic effect, which will take a little longer to prepare than for the preparation of broths or herbal teas.

    But many people use these prescriptions, as they have proved to be effective in home treatment for lamblia in practice.

    • Effective remedy for Giardiasis invasions - garlic tincture. When cooking 0.25 kg of chopped, chopped garlic, pour 1 liter of vodka or alcohol. The container with the medicine is removed into a dark locker for weekly aging, shaking the bottle daily. When the aging time passes, the product will turn golden. The reception is carried out on a large spoon three times a day during the monthly course.
    • Walnuts that are harvested by immature, green are effective against parasitic invasions. To make a medicine, you need to grind about 25-30 fruits and pour a liter of vodka. Withstand the drug until ripening in a dark locker for one and a half to two weeks. The appearance of a light greenish liquid shade will indicate the readiness of the drug. Take it on a large spoon three times each day.

    Other recipes

    There are a lot of other traditional medicine that are used with great success for the treatment of giardiasis lesions. Here are the most popular ones.

    • Pumpkin seeds have long been known as highly effective antiparasitic, anthelmintic and antiprotozoal. To get rid of giardiasis, you need to grind 0.3 kg of purified pumpkin seeds in a mortar and mix them with water( 50 ml) and liquid natural honey( 50 g).The resulting mass should be eaten in an hour, and after that drink a laxative drug. At the end of the treatment, the patient is given enemas. Dosage of the components of the drug is calculated for patients of the adult group, for children take 25 g of honey and 100 g of pumpkin seed.
    • Well proven in anti-lymphodial therapy and vegetable oils like linseed, sunflower or olive. For treatment before a night sleep chew on 5 flowers of a tansy approximately minutes five, and in the morning after awakening drink oil. Also effectively helps with lamblia and bergamot oil, which you need to drip onto a slice of a refined sugar( 2-3 drops) and eat on an empty stomach.
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