Treatment with folk dyskinesia for bile ducts: exercise therapy, herbs, linseed oil, homeopathy

Folk methods of treatment are often used as an additional effect for biliary dyskinesia. Practitioners usually prescribe a scheme of additional treatment. The method is selected depending on the type of the disease and the severity of the symptoms.

Folk methods for the treatment of biliary dyskinesia

These methods include herbal medicine, the intake of various oils, exercise therapy, homeopathy and massage. Any type of treatment should take courses, and the duration of treatment is at least a year.

Herbs and collections

Depending on the type of disease, herbs are used that have antispasmodic or stimulating activity of the biliary tract.

Almost all special collections have anti-inflammatory, soothing or antibacterial action.

When hypokinetic form in the collection of grasses include, which enhance the peristalsis of smooth muscles. These include:

  • immortelle,
  • Schisandra Chinese,
  • Rhodiola rosea.

For the preparation of immortality it is necessary to take 2 small spoons and pour a glass of boiling water. The mixture is infused for 30 minutes.

The drink should be filtered and taken before meals as follows:

  • 1 day - 1/3 cup once.
  • Day 2 - 1/3 cup twice a day.
  • Day 3 - the same, but three times a day.
  • Day 4 - ½ cup three times a day.
  • Day 5 - half a glass twice a day.
  • Day 6 - the same amount once a day.

After a week, the course is repeated.

For intensification of peristalsis, infusion from different herbs is prepared. Take the immortelle, chamomile and grass of the gold-thousander. Each herb has 3 parts. In 8 parts, St. John's wort and dandelion are used. Tablespoon collection is poured with boiling water and infused for 60 minutes.

If the disease occurs by hyperkinetic type, then infusion of corn stigmas will help. Brewed 2 tbsp.spoons of 0.5 liters of boiling water. To drink for a day you need all the infusion, breaking it into equal parts. It is taken 30 minutes before meals. If you do not have the opportunity to make a decoction yourself, you can buy a corn sturgeon extract liquid from the pharmacy.

Flaxseed oil

Particularly valuable qualities are syruped, unrefined. Cold pressing is the guarantee of the safety of all vitamins.

Linseed oil contains vitamins, saturated fatty acids, mineral components, phytosterols.

Such a tool normalizes the work of the whole gastrointestinal tract. It is especially useful for problems with stool and colic. Beneficial effect on the liver. In addition to restoring the work of the organs helps to cope with heartburn.

If you want to cleanse the body, it is taken on an empty stomach. Some scientists believe that dyskinesia, along with some other diseases, is due to a lack of Omega-3 in the body.

This component contains a lot of linseed oil. Therefore, with regular use, you can forget about the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. But in chronic forms the composition is required to take a long period of time.

Oil envelops the walls of the stomach, provokes the release of bile into the digestive organ. Therefore, exacerbations and pancreatitis can lead to vomiting.


Almost all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract change the motor, secretory and suction function. Pathological processes are in different departments, but are interrelated.

The effect of physical curative physical education is carried out by the type of motor-visceral reflexes.

During gymnastics, impulses enter the cerebral cortex, create a new focus, which helps to calm down the previously appeared stagnant phenomenon.

When dyskinesia has a positive effect:

  • therapeutic gymnastics,
  • morning exercises,
  • dosed walking,
  • training and recreational activities.

For the treatment tasks include exercises for abdominal muscles, pelvic day and relaxation.

The latter relieve the muscle tone of the stomach, intestines, relieve spasms. When performing exercises, excessive tension should be avoided, in which there is a narrowing of the vessels in the abdominal cavity. In this case, the blood flows from the internal organs, the bile ducts are less supplied with blood and oxygen.


When dyskinesias are prescribed drugs:

  • Aconitum, Apis,
  • Bryonia,
  • Calcarea carbonica,
  • Magnesia phosphorica,
  • Mercurius solubilis
  • are some others.

The course of treatment with homeopathic medicines is one month. Among the well-established are "Complex 42( Levicor)".5 grains are taken once a day. To achieve a rapid effect, grains should be kept under the tongue until dissolved.

Can be used:

  • Edas 113 is taken three drops twice a day.
  • Hepatonorm - 8 grains three times a day.
  • Berberis plus - 8 grains three times a day.

In the spastic state of the gallbladder, Kuprium 6 is used. It has an antispastic and anticonvulsant effect. If there is atony of the gallbladder, there are constipation and pain, then it is prescribed Graphite 3, 6.

The same drugs can be taken and in remission. Then the balls dissolve in water in the proportion of 1 pellet in a 0.5 glass of water. It is taken once a day half an hour before meals or after the same time interval after a meal. During pains, you can take a gulp every 20 minutes until they disappear completely.


For dyskinesia of the biliary tract, massage of the collar zone and back is first performed. The emphasis is on 1 and 2 lumbar vertebrae and segmental zones 8-10.After that, the stomach is massaged. On exhalation the expert squeezes the lower segments of the lungs. Such techniques are repeated 3-5 times, then the patient breathes his belly.

The main task of the massage is to increase the tone of the gallbladder and normalize the functions of the biliary tract. Massage is usually administered in the remission phase.

In conclusion, we note that traditional healers use glinka for the treatment of the gall bladder. The green or blue appearance is applied for 2 hours to the affected area. To achieve a therapeutic effect, the procedure is repeated twice a day for a month.

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