Treatment of gastroduodenitis with folk remedies: herbs, flax seeds, sea buckthorn oil, honey, propolis

Gastroduodenitis is an inflammation of the lower part of the stomach and part of the duodenum. Treatment is always long and complex. To accelerate the healing and normalization of the digestive tract, it is recommended to supplement the treatment with folk methods.

Methods of treating gastroduodenitis with folk remedies

Usually, folk remedies are handled when the form of the disease is not released. During periods of exacerbation it is recommended to brew grass. Such therapy should be combined with bed rest and proper diet.

All the methods of gastroduodenitis treatment should be directed to the solution of certain tasks:

  • acidity normalization,
  • elimination of excess hydrochloric acid,
  • pain and discomfort reduction,
  • appetite normalization,
  • inflammation removal,
  • reduction of nausea, heartburn.

Not only herbs help, but also sea buckthorn oil, honey, propolis and some other means.

Medicinal herbs

They can be used not only to eliminate inflammation, but also for preventive purposes.

Good assistants in the fight against the disease are:

  • gastric gathering,
  • flax seeds,
  • chamomile.

Gastric Harnesses

There are several such sets of herbs. Gastric collection number 1 is used for superficial gastroduodenitis. In advanced stages of the disease, Grade 2 or 3 is prescribed. The first is effective at reduced acidity, and the second - at increased acidity.

Collection No. 1 includes:

  • plantain,
  • St. John's wort,
  • root of the ara,
  • yarrow,
  • lemon balm,
  • ivan tea and others.

The gastric collection number 2 includes the same herbs, but along with the leaves of wild strawberry, dog rose, dill seeds, valerian root. The last collection contains leaves of mint, nettle, buckthorn bark.

All herbal preparations:

  1. Promote faster wound healing.
  2. Suppresses fermentation processes.
  3. The work of the stomach and intestines is normal.
  4. Eliminate eructations and heartburn.

Despite the safety of herbal treatment, there may be drowsiness, problems with stools. Caution is prescribed treatment of women who feed the baby, when taking various medications.

Flax seeds

This ingredient is contraindicated in case of intestinal obstruction. You can add it to baking, make infusion or eat yourself. The seeds of flax contain a large number of proteins, fats, gluten.

One course will cleanse the body, remove a few extra pounds.

For infusion takes 3 tbsp.l.seeds and a liter of boiling water. After 15 minutes the mixture will swell and become like a kissel. Slime has an enveloping effect on the stomach. Drink should be in the morning on an empty stomach 100 ml. The rest is consumed throughout the day.

There is another recipe.70 gr.the seeds boil for two hours on a slow fire. The resulting broth filter, cool. Keep the drink in the refrigerator. Take should be a glass three times a day.


This plant is known for its disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Under the influence of active components, bile secretion is enhanced, and spasms are eliminated. With regular use, the condition of the digestive tract improves.

An infusion is used for cooking. For its preparation, one spoon is infused in 200 ml of boiling water. Treatment should be at least 6 months.

A glass of drink is drunk before going to bed. To ensure that the useful components are preserved in maximum concentration, experts recommend that the dry grass is not filled with boiling water, but with hot water. With severe pain, it is contraindicated to drink a hot broth. After taking it is better to lie on one side and lie in a quiet position for 20-30 minutes.

Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil has been used for medicinal purposes since the time of Hippocrates. It contains a huge amount of biologically active substances, vitamins, minerals. A rich composition determines its medicinal properties.

With the help of oil, you can not only accelerate the healing of the mucosa, but also suppress the growth of bacteria. Sea buckthorn oil has choleretic effect, improves the digestive system.

Sea buckthorn oil covers the gastrointestinal mucosa. Due to this, there is no contact with aggressive gastric juice. This leads to a gradual subsidence of the inflammatory process. It can be taken both during the period of exacerbation, and for the prevention of relapse.

There are several ways to receive oil:

  • You can take it for 1 the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 1 month.
  • Add 2 a glass of warm milk. The reception is the same as in the previous case. If you can not get rid of heartburn, you can increase the dosage by adding another spoonful of sea buckthorn oil.

If you receive a vomiting reflex when taking this remedy, you can dilute it in 50 ml of hot water with a little sugar added. In severe cases, treatment with this component can be extended up to 2 months.

Honey and Propolis

Propolis is one of the few folk remedies that can cope with the cause of gastroduodenitis, that is, with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

For treatment it is possible:

  • Chew pure propolis. When exacerbation, take up to 8 g.propolis on an empty stomach. Do the procedure for a month.
  • Take alcohol tincture. It is made from 100 mg.alcohol and 100 gr.propolis. The mixture is shaken and left for 3 days. Then the resulting composition is filtered. The ready-made infusion is drunk 10-15 drops an hour before meals.
  • If the disease is associated with high acidity, the agent relieves the exacerbation, normalizes the work of the stomach.

Equally effective is honey. It allows you to speed up the healing process. In the process of use, acidity is normalized, inflammatory processes go away.

To reduce acidity, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon of the product one hour before a meal. It is better to dilute it in a small amount of warm water. With reduced acidity, the same amount of honey is diluted in cold water.

Reviews on the treatment of

According to doctors, only traditional methods of treatment can be used to prevent or treat the initial stage of gastroduodenitis. In other cases, additional medication is required.

Patients for treatment use different means. Juice of raw potatoes helps one. Others can not do without herbal infusions. All note that the treatment of folk remedies is longer.

With an advanced disease and with the formation of ulcers, it is not always possible to achieve an analgesic effect by only such methods.

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