Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth at home using folk remedies, enemas

Most of the women give birth to various lineal pathologies, in particular varicose veins. Not every young mother can cope with a sense of embarrassment and seek help from a medical institution when hemorrhoids appear. This category of patients worried about how to treat postpartum hemorrhoids without the help of traditional medicine - at home? In folk medicine, there are a number of recipes and methods that can eliminate pathology, if it is not in a neglected form. Otherwise, only the proctologist will help.

For many breastfeeding women, traditional pharmacological treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids at home is contraindicated. This is due to the fact that during the lactation period with the mother's milk the child's body can get medicines that can harm the child, if they are not allowed for use in nursing. That is why such patients are recommended folk remedies for hemorrhoids after childbirth, which are made on the basis of harmless herbs. Very popular with young mothers are the products intended for external use, for example, baths, ointments, balms, etc.

When holding an enema with hemorrhoids after childbirth at home, it is recommended to use herbal decoctions. Also, doctors advise to use for medicinal purposes a decoction of berries, in particular from blueberries. Throughout the course of therapy, women should drink freshly squeezed juices and eat foods that normalize the defecation process.

Folk treatment of hemorrhoids after giving birth to decoctions of

A good result is achieved when treating hemorrhoids after childbirth at home, if you use herbal baths( sedentary).Women can prepare their own medicinal broths at home. As components it is recommended to use the following components:

  • linden flowers;
  • oak bark;
  • alum;
  • bulbous husks;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula flowers, etc.

Some young mothers do not have the opportunity at home to conduct such procedures. In this case, they can replace the tubs with therapeutic tampons. To prepare them, you should use a sterile bandage or gauze, which must first be thoroughly impregnated with oil of the above herbs.

How to relieve pain with hemorrhoids after childbirth?

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth at home provides for the use of traditional medicine recipes that can stop severe pain. To alleviate the condition of patients can be using poultices, for the manufacture of which it is recommended to use decoctions:

  • chamomile;Horsetail
  • ;
  • of a thorn.

Other recipes for treating hemorrhoids at home

In the treatment of this pathology at home, experts recommend using a variety of oils. For example, oil made from sea buckthorn can quickly tighten and heal wounds and even microcracks. It is able to remove bleeding hemorrhoids. If a young mother does not have the opportunity to use such oil, she can replace it with a candle, for the manufacture of which sea buckthorn was used.

To eliminate this obstructive pathology, doctors recommend doing warming up. Before carrying out such manipulations, you should prepare pairs of two components: milk and onions. The recipe is quite simple. Pour 3 liters of milk into the ceramic dishes, then add 5-6 medium bulbs and place the container in the oven. The components must be toned up to the full softening of the bulbs.

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