Medications for inflammation of the pancreas - antibiotics, drugs, pills, painkillers

The most important components for the treatment of pancreatitis and maintaining the state of remission are diet and drugs, the main ones of which are considered analogues of enzymes. These drugs in inflammation of the pancreas can reduce the burden on the affected organ, artificial enzymes independently decompose fats, carbohydrates. Effective medications:

  • Creon - in addition to the basic enzymes of the pancreas, there are many auxiliary substances: dibutyl phthalate, dimethicone, phthalate MSCC, paraffin, contraindication is exacerbation of pancreatitis, when pregnancy is prescribed in extreme cases, adverse reactions from the medication occur rarely in the form of stool disorders, nausea
  • Pancetrate - enzymes from the body of a pig, frozen and chopped, in capsules, the allergy to pork serves as a contraindication, the side effects of the medication are single and very rare
  • Lycrase - microsphere coated with a shell dissolving in the intestine, containing protease, amylase and lipase, is made from the hood of the pig's body of the same name, the drug normalizes digestion, improves well-being, the dosage is prescribed by the doctor, there are side effects( rash on the skin, nausea, constipation or diarrhea).

Antibiotics for inflammation of the pancreas

It is prescribed to exclude the re-infection of antibiotics in inflammation of the pancreas, the most powerful ones are:

  • Kanamycin - is obtained from fungi and microorganisms, is produced in powders and tablets that dissolve in water, is contraindicated in kidney failure, intestinal obstruction
  • . Tsifalosporiny- drugs damage the membrane of bacteria( cellular), after which they die, are released, mainly synthetic, divided into five groups, to the latterGeneric drugs include cefepime and cefpiram
  • Ampiox - contains ampicillin trihydrate, has side effects, dosage of individual

Broad-spectrum antibiotics are used to inhibit secretion. They are used together with calcium gluconate, antispasmodics, droppers, antiferment, blockade of novocaine. Phytotherapy is useful at all stages of treatment, complements antibiotics, without blocking their actions. Used regenerators: a leaf of a cowberry, a horsetail, a carotene, a plantain, a barberry, a yarrow, a dog rose, St. John's wort, a tansy, a sweet clover, a camomile.

Antihistamines in inflammation of the pancreas

These drugs that relieve inflammation of the pancreas, block allergies, reduce secretion. Use only blockers H2 of all generations( from the first to the fifth).Selection is highly individual, not used in the practice of ranitidine and cimetidine. The drugs have a "rebound syndrome", causing an increase in acidity with a sharp refusal of the drug:

  • Tavegil - pills for inflammation of the pancreas containing clemastin( syrup and solution)
  • Roxatidine - tablets are banned in malignant tumors, have side effects, although very effectivethe latest generation)
  • Nizatidine tablets are forbidden for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding, overdoses are possible( from 480 mg), side effects include rash, sweating, anemia, tachycardia, drowsiness, After half an hour, the drug is excreted in the urine completely

Painkillers for inflammation of the pancreas

Pain relief is used to relieve pain. Their appointment depends on the intensity of the pain.

For weak pains with inflammation of the pancreas:

  • Baralgin - with anesthesia it is allowed to take no more than 5 days;
  • Paracetamol - has a property to be quickly absorbed in the intestines with penetration into all tissues of the body, prolonged use of increased doses can lead to a hepatotoxic effect.

Take them in the form of capsules or tablets. If such an application is ineffective, then to enhance the effect of drugs, they are administered through droppers or injections.

  • Baralgin in ampoules - it contains analgin, fenpiverinia bromide and pituophenone hydrochloride, after administration it quickly penetrates into the blood and relieves pain in a short time( several minutes);
  • Analgin - is relaxing on smooth muscles, contraindicated in breastfeeding, pregnancy, blood diseases, allergies to the drug, bronchial asthma, liver and kidney pathology.

In severe cases with inflammation of the pancreas apply:

  • Buprenorphine - taken in tablets or through injections;
  • Tramadol - gives prolonged analgesia, can be addictive.

If the usual painkillers for severe inflammation of the pancreas do not help, prescribe narcotic pain relievers Promedol - its long-term use leads to dependence.

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