Acne on the face with intestinal dysbiosis

Thanks to the clinical studies, specialists have found that dysbacteriosis and acne on the face have a greater interrelation than previously thought. Therefore, if a patient with a skin disease applies to a dermatologist, he first of all prescribes a thorough examination to confirm the presence or absence of a dysbiosis.

In order to identify the problems of the appearance of acne on the face, it is necessary to pass simple and effective examinations. In the case of dysbiosis, such examinations as bacteriological culture and coprogram are assigned. Thanks to bacteriological culture, it is possible to ascertain the presence and nature of pathogenic bacteria that colonize the intestinal cavity. The coprogram is a common common stool analysis.

After receiving the result of the examinations, treatment of dysbacteriosis will be prescribed. It is worth noting that the correction of the intestinal microflora will not be so fast in getting rid of acne on the face, however much it would be desirable, however, its effect with the right approach will last much longer than the use of various types of masks and ointments.

Interrelation of acne and dysbiosis

For the beginning it is worth noting that the appearance of acne on the face with dysbiosis will predominantly be localized in the chin area. However, why in this area and why such a close relationship is conditioned?

In order to answer these questions, it is sufficient to know the elementary rules of microbiology. Pathogenic bacteria in the process of reproduction in the intestinal cavity begin to release toxins. It is the toxins that can explain the poisoning of the whole organism, the lowering of the level of immunity, where as a consequence there is a violation of the protective function of the skin.

In the absence of proper protection of the skin with dysbiosis, due to the invasion of pathogenic microflora, the work of the sebaceous glands will be disrupted, which leads to an increased risk of acne. Because of the blockage of the iron ducts thickens the sebum, and pathogens such a condition is used in the form of an ideal medium for reproduction. The inflammatory focus will first be localized in one area, and then with the help of a blood stream will be spaced around the surrounding tissue.

Treatment for acne on the face with dysbiosis

Acne will help get rid of long-term complex therapy of dysbiosis, and also you need to change the regime of the day and adjust the nutrition. Dietitians recommended the observance of several dietary rules that facilitate the patient's condition, so that the formation of new acne is not provoked. If you enter into the diet products that are rich in fiber, it will help in strengthening peristalsis and rapid cleansing of the intestine. Also, with dysbacteriosis of the intestine, the reception of probiotics and prebiotics will be used to normalize the microflora.

It is worth remembering that the appearance of acne, acne on the face and other unpleasant aspects on the skin is not only cosmetic defects. In the event that you have tried a large number of different means, dozens of creams have been replaced, and nothing has been effective enough - the problem lurks inside. In addition, if you notice at least two symptoms of dysbiosis, which are also accompanied by acne on the face, then you urgently need to turn to the gastroenterologist and dermatologist for the correct diagnosis.

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