ICD-10 - classification of the pancreatic cyst, code of disease

Depending on the cause of the appearance, real and false cysts are isolated. The true( real) formations have the following classification.

Congenital. Such formations are caused by defects and abnormalities in the formation of pancreatic tissue, which often merge with polycystosis( a disease due to the presence of a large number of formations) of other organs.

Purchased. These include:

  • cystic enlargement of the pancreatic flow;
  • parasitic;
  • proliferative( cystadenoma).They, in turn, are divided into benign and malignant formations.

False formations are divided into the following:

  • Inflammation that occurs as a result of acute or chronic pancreatitis.
  • Post-traumatic.
  • Idiopathic.

False cyst occurs more often than true - in 80% of cases it is observed in patients.

Depending on the place of formation, these types of cysts are distinguished:

  • of the head of the digestive system;
  • on body organ;
  • of the tail of the examined organ of the digestive system;
  • spreading throughout the surface of the organ( it happens, but very rarely).

Pancreas cyst according to ICD-10

ICD-10 is a systematized classifier of diseases, each of which has its own code, was revised ten times, hence the above figure. This systematization is a typical assessment tool in the field of healthcare management, medicine, and it is also a kind of analyzer of the general state of health of the inhabitants of the country. This classification is used to separate diseases, analyze and compare information on mortality and morbidity in different countries of the world at different times.

ICD-10 is used to encode the conclusion of diseases in alphabetic and numerical codes, due to which it is more convenient to store and process data, especially in electronic form.

Based on the data of this systematization, the pancreas cyst according to ICD-10 has this direction: a disease of class XI( diseases of the digestive system), is included in subparagraph K80-K87 "Diseases of the gallbladder, pancreas".The code for this ailment is as follows: K86.2.

The imaginary capsule filled with fluid( cyst) of the pancreas according to ICD-10 is a disease of class XI, is also included in subparagraph K80-K87.And the code of a false cyst is: K86.3.

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