How to protect yourself from ascaridosis - measures to prevent infection with human ascarid in children, treatment of an apartment

It is impossible to answer the question of how to protect yourself from ascaridosis, without knowledge of the ways of transmission of such an invasion, as well as the features of the life cycle of the described parasite. Ascariasis is one of the most widespread helminthiases in the world, which arises when a large colony of geogelminthes is located inside the body, whose life cycle assumes the existence of a stage of development outside the host in the external environment.

In order for the eggs of the described parasite to become invasive, they must lie in the ground. Larvae in eggs will be formed only under certain conditions: high humidity, air temperature not below +24 degrees Celsius, sufficient access to oxygen. Moulting( discharge of the shell) begins after 12 days. In this state, the parasites described can live in the soil for another six months and wait until the final host enters the body. A person can catch only one species of Ascaris - Ascaris lumbricoides. How does the larva enter the body? How to protect yourself from ascaridosis? What prevention can be most effective? All this in the article.

Measures to prevent infection with ascarids

Larvae enter the body through the oral route. People swallow them together with dirty vegetables, fruits or berries. To place invasive eggs in the house and scatter them on all surfaces can and pets. It is enough to pet a cat or dog. Eggs with larvae will fall into the mouth with dirty hands. Hence it becomes clear how to protect yourself from ascaridosis. Simple methods, such as careful washing of food and hands, will prevent invasion.

Why is great attention paid to prevention? It helps to protect yourself from dangerous complications. The larvae settle in the small intestine. The structure of parasites is such that parasitizing, the helminth easily drills the walls of the hollow organ and enters the blood. Together with it, the larvae enter the lungs, into the liver. This migration takes two weeks. Reliably sowing on the internal organs, ascarids parasitize adults and children for a year, during this time worms mature, become sexually mature and are reproduced in a natural way. One female is able to reproduce up to 240 thousand eggs per day. Knowing this, it becomes clear why it is necessary to protect yourself from ascaridosis, why it is so important to learn and apply basic hygiene rules, and special measures that can help prevent ascarid contamination.

Prophylaxis of ascaridosis

Those who wish to protect themselves from invasion by worms should carefully study the following instructions.

  1. In order to protect yourself against ascaridosis, it is important to carefully ensure that the soil on the household plots, at the home farmstead, as well as playgrounds and sandboxes, is kept clean and free from feces of domestic animals and humans. These measures, as practice shows, fully justify themselves.
  2. Ascarids are afraid of direct sun rays, therefore, in order to protect themselves from ascaridosis, it is necessary to dig sand daily in sandboxes, loosen it, carefully lifting the lower layers of sand upwards.
  3. The roots of some plants secrete substances that destroy the eggs of the parasites described. Those who want to protect themselves, must plant calendula, lupine, peas and oats on their private plots.
  4. It is impossible to forget about primitive measures for the prevention of human roundworm: after each hike to the street it is useful to carefully wash with hands and soap. Remember? The egg shell is covered with a special sticky substance, which does not allow easy detachment from the attached surface. If eggs of parasites are attached to vegetables or to fruits, to greens or to shoes, they can be cleaned only with the help of special detergents. Household chemicals help to protect yourself from invasion. Special prevention measures apply to eating spicy herbs. All the greens are pre-soaked in water, and then washed with clean sponges. Before eating, it is better to wipe the grass once again with a tissue napkin.
  5. The simplest prophylaxis of the described invasion is the constant wet treatment of the apartment. It is better to wash the floors twice a week, if the children grow up in the house, it is better to be safe and wipe the floors with everyday household chemicals, especially in the hallway.
  6. It is not allowed to play a small child with street shoes. This simple requirement helps to protect yourself from dangerous helminthiasis.

Please note! To treat ascariasis is very difficult, almost all drugs that are used during treatment are toxic, so they have many side effects. Therapy will not be effective without sanitizing the apartment. During the treatment, all the listed prevention measures continue to be relevant. They help prevent re-infection. Knowing how to protect yourself from ascaridosis, you can try to reduce the risks of dangerous complications.

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