Could there be constipation from the worms?

The worms, whose favorite habitat is the gastrointestinal tract, have a devastating effect on the human body. Injuring the tender mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, helminths disrupt the vital functions of beneficial bacteria, suppress immunity. The danger of parasites lies in the fact that they can accumulate in the human body for a long time, gradually destroying it from the inside, disguising themselves for various diseases. There is a question, whether because of worms there can be a constipation?

Worms, developing in the esophagus, can reach large sizes, both in length and in volume, and cover the lumen in the intestine. Violation of the rhythm of muscular contractions for this reason leads to mechanical constipation from the worms. When the upper part of the small intestine is filled with parasites, the normal activity of the intestine is disrupted. The development of inflammatory processes, bloating and incomplete absorption of nutrients from food, in turn leads to a violation of the stool.

Worms are worms that penetrate in the form of eggs in the human body with food and water. Non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, contaminated water promotes the penetration of worms and the development of constipation. Most often, modern people have the following types of diseases:

  1. Opisthorchiasis, characterized by nausea, vomiting, frequent headaches, intolerance to acute and fried foods.
  2. Giardiasis, which causes anemia, skin allergy, nausea, vomiting. Infection with lamblia is very common in children's groups, as they are very resistant and can survive even in chlorinated water and dairy products.
  3. Enterobiosis, which can be infected through household items in public places, at work, at home.

When the number of parasites increases, intestinal disorders develop, including in the form of constipation. Constipation from worms may well be, if not to take timely measures to destroy them. To cleanse the body of helminths, two main methods are used:

  1. The use of folk remedies, although in the modern world they are not always effective, due to the ability of parasites to adapt to a changing environment.
  2. Purification of medicinal products.

Special attention in constipation from worms should be given to maintaining a balance of the amount of fluid in the body, increasing water intake. Food should be easily assimilated and passed the necessary treatment. Children from constipation are recommended to use carrot juice, and for adults - hot red pepper.

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