Anus after removal of hemorrhoids, treatment by massage, how do hemorrhoidal nodes of the anus look after injury?

Not always the treatment of hemorrhoids proceeds without any complications. This is especially true for patients whose hemorrhoids in the anus have been removed by surgery.

One of the most common cases in this practice is the formation of anus stenosis. As practice shows, this happens when the hemorrhoids were removed from the anus and at the same time the operation was carried out by a low-skilled proctologist( surgeon).In the course of such a surgical intervention, too many incisions are made in the anus area and the proportion of the tissue being removed is not respected.

Each patient, having got rid of hemorrhoids, especially when hemorrhoids were removed, should pay close attention to any changes and unusual symptoms near the anus. Signs of anal stenosis, which should be taken into account, are:

  • painful sensations in defecation;
  • fecal matter during emptying has a pencil or narrow band-shaped shape;
  • after the evacuation of the intestine remains a sense of incompleteness of the process;
  • after stool there are bloody traces( hematocaesium).

Complications of the hemorrhoidal nodes of the anus

If any of these symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor-therapist or profile specialist-proctologist. After all, there is a high probability that the hemorrhoids after the trauma of the anus and the narrow( with the presence of non-healing scars after the operation) of the anal canal will emerge with the emerging caloric masses. The level of development of anal stenosis can be determined only during the medical examination. Typically, the diameter of the anal canal and its change is diagnosed by comparison with the size of the fingers of the proctologist.

This pathology can also be detected through a rectal finger examination of the condition of the rectum. About stenosis of the anal canal is directly evidenced by the difficulty of passing even the tip of the finger in the medical examination of the anus. In order not to injure the sphincter and rectum, as well as to see what the anus looks like after removal of hemorrhoids, further examination is carried out using a flexible endoscope of small diameter.

In order to examine the anus after hemorrhoids and diagnose abnormalities in the anal canal, methods such as colonoscopy, rectal examination using X-ray contrast media, sigmoidoscopy, computed tomography and pelvic MRI are widely used. Obligatory is also the biopsy of especially suspicious areas of the anus. This allows to minimize the risks of presence in the rectum of oncological processes.

The following varieties of anus stenosis are distinguished depending on localization:

  • high stricture - with pathological changes in the anal passage;
  • is low - when anatomical abnormalities are detected in the anus.

The most difficult to treat complications of hemorrhoids, which are high strictures. This fully applies to the progressive narrowing of the anus with the existing wounds after the operation to remove the hemorrhoids. They are not only very painful and dangerous for the patient, but also provoke intense and acute pains, both during defecation and immediately after it.

The healing of postoperative wounds and soft tissue repair is rather slow. This is caused, both by the specificity of its location, and by the need to regularly carry out such a procedure as finger bougie. During the week, such an anus massage with hemorrhoids should be performed 2-4 times.

Such therapeutic manipulations can be done at home completely independently. Scheme of action is as follows:

  1. While taking a hot bath, you should put on your hands latex gloves. Then grease with a vaseline oil finger and carefully enter its anus.
  2. At the beginning of the massage, the finger is rotated, after a while, smoothly shifting to move up and down.
  3. The duration of stretching depends on the strength of the pain.
  4. After the session, it is desirable to stay in the bath for a certain period of time.

Treatment of complications of hemorrhoids on the anus

Control of complications in the anal canal after surgery on hemorrhoids can be carried out by several methods. The optimal and effective method of therapy is determined after a thorough examination. At the same time:

  • assesses the extent of the lesion and its localization;
  • the functional properties of the sphincter are studied and analyzed, the level of extensibility is determined in soft tissues, etc.

In the case when medication is prescribed, then it means a whole complex of certain actions performed by the patient according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. It includes - taking medications( including laxatives), a diet with a certain diet rich in fiber, periodic dilatation of the anus with fingers or with the help of flexible dilators.

When it is determined that anal stenosis refers to severe cases, then they resort to repeated surgical intervention. The scar tissue is removed. The procedure is accompanied by a sphincterotomy aimed at combating the formed anal fissures.

If you are concerned about small processes in the anus because of hemorrhoids and you need to remove scars in the anal canal, then anoplastic is used: in damaged areas, it is used to replace perianal skin or rectal mucosa.

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