Nuts from worms - Greek, black, tincture against helminths

Walnut is not only a tasty and nutritious supplement to the daily diet, but also a strong cleansing and stimulating agent that has a beneficial effect on the human body. The black nut - a subspecies of the plant under consideration, which is derived from North America, also has enhanced healing properties, but it has perfectly taken root in our latitudes.

Walnut is a natural cleanser and antioxidant for the human body. Its regular use makes it possible to improve memory, stabilize blood flow, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. Useful qualities of black walnut are proved by scientific research, and allow to speak about the killer effect on all kinds of worms and other parasites whose vital activity is related to the use of human body resources.

Treatment of worms with nuts

The use of this plant in the treatment of parasites has a long history associated with traditional medicine practices. But even today, this method of fighting parasites remains relevant.

Walnut from worms is an effective and affordable remedy that perfectly suits the prevention of helminthiasis. Features of the chemical composition of the plant allow us to speak about its destructive effect on the functioning of the parasite organism, and the inhibition of reproductive functions without the risk of toxic damage to the human intestine.

Walnut and walnut have a harmful effect on the internal tissues of such species of helminths as:

  • round worms;
  • tapeworm;
  • tapeworm.

In addition, the natural action of the plant is directed against a number of pathogens of infectious diseases( staphylococci and streptococci).

Another significant advantage of the walnut is its taste qualities, thanks to which it is liked by children - and it is this audience that is most often the most susceptible to helminth infection.

How to use a walnut against worms?

Round worms and tapeworm are the most susceptible to the harmful effects of walnut. In the fight against worms, the use of plant fruits is possible by several basic methods.

In particular, this:

  • use in raw form;
  • cooking is infusion;
  • preparation of alcohol tincture( extract).

Worms from worms in raw form are used as a general preventive agent that helps restore immunity, strengthen the body's resistance to various parasites and infections, and purification. However, if you use the tool with a fairly intensive course, you can quite successfully get rid of a number of varieties of worms. For this, in the morning on an empty stomach you need to eat at least 6 cores, at lunch - 5, and before dinner - 3-4.The kernel should be thoroughly chewed. The course of such treatment is three days.

In addition, unripe( green) nuts are also quite effective against worms. From them prepare cleansing decoctions which apply a course about 6-7 days on 100 g twice - thrice a day.

Preparation of a tincture of walnut from worms is a fairly simple method that does not require significant effort. To do this, you should chop the kernels of several fruits( you can crush it in a mortar, or rub it on a coffee grinder).The resulting powder should be enough to get 4 tablespoons of raw materials. Next, a glass of water and pour a little to bring to a boil. Steep boiling water pour the raw material and let it brew for about 30 minutes. Then strain and consume during the day a little, alternating receptions with laxative drugs.

This procedure will help to speed up the process of cleansing the body of worms, but it is quite intense, therefore, without fail requires the use of restorative therapy after the course of treatment. When the parasites are removed from the body, it is recommended that several days be observed for a certain diet - to refrain from the abundance of meat dishes, sweet and carefully observe hygiene.

What is the uniqueness of nuts in the treatment of worms?

It should be noted that not only the core, but also the shell and even the walnut leaves are of medical value. Actively used in folk medicine is a method of purifying the body of tape worm, as the preparation of wine tinctures of dry crushed leaves of the plant.

The healing effect of walnut leaves is explained by the rich content of tannins, glycosides, flavonoids, essential oils, carotenoids, Yuglon, inositol, ellagic and coffee acids, not to mention a significant supply of vitamins and trace elements. The nature of the effect of the spectrum of the indicated substances on the worms consists in the destruction of tissues, the depletion of glycogen reserves and preventing further reproduction of the worms. In this case, such treatment allows to avoid the risk of toxic damage to the human body, which is inevitable when using synthetic drugs.

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