Continuous diarrhea in an adult, what if diarrhea does not stop?

In the event that there was an unceasing diarrhea in an adult patient, it may be that the diarrhea present in it has passed into a chronic form. It is always characterized by continuous, or with periodic improvements, a long process of watery excrement. With the development of pathology of this type, the consultation of an infectious disease doctor is mandatory, since any self-treatment of pathology is fraught with the progression of the disease and can lead to dangerous complications caused by a disease that provoked a loose stool or developed due to fluid loss by dehydration( dehydration) of the body.

If diarrhea does not stop for a long time, and the feces come out like water, ignoring the treatment will very quickly lead to dehydration, which causes an adult to lose the adequacy and even lead to a fatal outcome. To prevent this, it is necessary to strengthen the drinking regime. In water intended for the patient, all the necessary salts and minerals must be dissolved. If the diarrhea does not stop for several weeks, you can also use herbal teas. But any alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden. They contribute to increased intestinal motility, which only aggravates the course of the syndrome. It is also not advisable to use sweet carbonated drinks and juices that irritate the intestinal peristalsis.

What if the diarrhea does not stop very long?

Constant bowel dysfunction is a rather unpleasant thing that indicates the presence of certain causes that are not eliminated by traditional methods of cleaning the body or diet. But still, if incessant diarrhea disrupts the patient's quality of life for more than 3 weeks, in addition to performing the medicamental prescriptions of a specialist, one should adhere to a sparing diet until the accompanying diarrhea completely stops. This will protect the patient's body from possible complications and help it to reduce the load.

But the main thing in the case when a person has an unceasing diarrhea is an address to a doctor who will determine the cause of the disease and will conduct an adequate course of treatment of the disease that caused such a sign as prolonged diarrhea. Do not forget that the liquid stool in this case, this is just one of the symptoms of the development of more serious pathologies in the body. They do not always refer to the digestive system. In the event that a person observes in himself such symptomatology accompanying incessant diarrhea, as impurities in blood feces or strong pain sensations is a signal that hospitalization is inevitable. With the reference to the doctor it is not necessary to tighten, that there were no possible complications.

It is also worthwhile to always follow preventive measures that will avoid this pathology. Acute diarrhea will not go into chronic form and will not take a continuous long time flow if the patient promptly turns to a specialist and will take all measures to eliminate the development of the disease causing the development of the ailment:

  • The basic value is given to the rules of personal hygiene. Before each meal, you should wash your hands thoroughly and preferably with laundry soap that kills a large number of pathogens;
  • The use of one dish is not recommended;
  • Do not consume raw water and dubious or substandard products.

Also, in order to avoid the development of incessant diarrhea, and with it serious problems, one should be very careful about taking antibacterial drugs that, in violation of the intestinal microflora, almost always provoke the development of this pathology.

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