Inflammation of the pancreas - pancreatitis and the causes of chronic disease, when and from which it inflames?

Despite the small size of the organ, it is he who is responsible for producing enzymes digesting the food that enters the body. Inflammation of the pancreas can be lethargic( chronic form of pancreatitis) or acute( attack).Inflammation of the pancreas( pancreatitis) is fraught with complications: diabetes, peritonitis( fatal), bleeding, suppuration, cholecystitis, abscess. Find out why there are violations of this type, including, in pregnancy, you can from the course of anatomy, specifying the functions of the organ.

Inflammation of the pancreas: causes of

In nine cases out of ten, inflammation of the pancreatitis is caused by disorders in the gallbladder, alcohol( frequent doses) and an abundance of fatty foods.

  • Vascular Disease Changes in
  • hormone background disturbed metabolism( frequent cause)
  • tumor, duct narrowing, other anomalies
  • ascaridosis
  • hepatitis C, B, mumps, other infections( frequent cause)
  • medications - sulfonamides, antibiotics,estrogen, furosemide and other
  • injuries of the abdomen, trauma( quite common cause)

Only one third of patients are diagnosed on time and correctly, replacement of the normal tissue of the cicatricial body occurs, the functions are broken( endocrineconstant prices, usually more than exocrine).Instead of food, the organ that produces enzymes is digested. Therefore, to find out whether the pancreas is inflamed or not, regular examinations recommended to the risk group( people over forty) annually allow. The reasons can be heredity.

Inflammatory process of the pancreas: symptoms of

If the examination reveals that the pancreas is already having inflammation, measures need to be taken urgently. The worst case of an attack is death of the lobe, strong pains are observed in all, without exception. A mushy stool with undigested fibers, diarrhea, flatulence, vomiting, nausea and eructation are the exact symptoms of the disease. Slimming is observed in the absence of appetite, pain can be given to the heart and border organs.

Pancreatic tail inflammation

The spine-rib corner in the left side of the body with frequent pain indicates that the pancreas is inflamed in the tail. Women suffer more often, pain with tail inflammation they can give to the left hypochondrium, the navel region. Complicated cases( passing into the tail cancer) may require resection of the spleen along with the affected area.

Inflammation of the pancreas during pregnancy

Find out why the pancreas is inflamed, it is possible from anatomy. The uterus during pregnancy increases, putting pressure on the organs, aggressive enzymes begin the cycle of digesting the body, insulin production decreases, glucose metabolism is regulated, the tail usually becomes inflamed, usually.

Treatment of pancreatitis

Treatment is always prescribed by a doctor, often in a hospital setting. In all cases, diet and medications are used. In case of complications, pharmacological agents are administered intravenously, including nutrient solutions. This reduces the load on the digestive tract, treatment is always complex, more often, for life. The state of remission can last for years, the patients are contraindicated with stresses, considerable physical exertion, fraught with exacerbations.

Enzymes patients take in the form of tablets, capsules and microgranules, antispasmodics are used only with exacerbations. It is possible to explain why certain drugs are used, what processes are taking place, can the attending physician, gastroenterologist, nutritionist. Disease is not a contraindication for pregnancy.

Diet for pancreatitis

The diet immediately after the attack is severe, loosening is allowed no earlier than the second week. It begins with mucous broths in small doses, more often, with kefir, unsweetened tea with a cracker. Drinking regime is not limited, water is used without gas( so as not to inflame the head or tail).Wiped buckwheat or rice porridge can be from the third day, boiled vegetables appear on the menu on the fifth day. Low-fat meat or fish appear from the second week of the diet, food is not salted. At the same time, there are juices, jelly, fruits and vegetables.

Prohibited are products that can irritate the mucous, provoking the hard work of the affected organ. Products with a content of dendritic and coarse fiber, increased content of starch and carbohydrates are avoided, preventing the inflammatory process.

Inflammatory diseases of the pancreas

Enzymes of pancreatic juice that are activated in the gland and its ducts begin to digest the tissue of the organ, thereby causing inflammation called pancreatitis.

The nature of the manifestation of the disease distinguishes between acute and chronic pancreatitis. And in that, and in another case, the request for medical help is mandatory. If you correctly diagnose and treat acute pancreatitis, there is a high probability of a favorable outcome. If he goes into a chronic form, then this disease remains with a person for life.

If you follow a diet and some vaccinated lifestyle, it is possible to avoid bouts of exacerbation. It is important to monitor the state of the gastrointestinal tract to prevent the development of concomitant diseases.

Inflammation of chronic pancreatitis

Repeated inflammatory processes in the pancreas inevitably lead to its damage both anatomically and functionally. Restore the morphology of the organ and the normal work of the organ is impossible, for the reason that with a subsequent complication, fibrous foci are formed.

The body of the organ becomes dense, as the connective tissue grows in it, the organ becomes scarred. It is possible that later pseudocysts and stones are formed. Inflammation of chronic pancreatitis is associated with the development of an active sclerotic process, which reduces the functionality of the pancreas.

Pathological changes are irreversible, in connection with this therapy is aimed at eliminating pain and restoring the main function of the body, since there can be no complete cure.

Severe pancreatic inflammation

Sudden and severe inflammation of the pancreas is nothing but acute pancreatitis. During the process self-destruction of the tissues of the organ under the action of its own enzymes occurs. The organ due to swelling increases in size, some areas are necrotic.

Acute attack is caused by a violation of free outflow of pancreatic juice, resulting in increased pressure in the ducts. Due to the inability to leave the body in time, in pancreatic juice maturation of enzymes begins, which involuntarily begin the process of digestion of tissues.

The acute form of the disease is very insidious, it often misleads the doctors with its favorable course, although, perhaps, the process of necrosis of the tissues is already underway. Pancreatic necrosis is a serious complication in which organ destruction occurs. Vessels of the body are blocked by thrombi, the blood supply of the gland is broken and an irreversible process occurs - necrosis( necrosis) of the tissue.

Necrosis may result in any pancreatitis that is not treated correctly. The body reacts with a strong inflammation to the presence of dead tissue. Small foci of necrosis dissolve, and large ones gradually separate from living tissue and if proper treatment does not take place, microbes penetrating the necrosis zone cause severe complications.

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