Enemas with intestinal dysbiosis

Enemas at dysbacteriosis are spent for purification of an intestine from toxic substances which are developed by pathogenic microorganisms. To conduct such a procedure, you must approach with all responsibility, and if you comply with all the rules, then there will be no problems.

The best option for setting an enema is to consult a specialist. However, many prefer to do everything themselves, but it is worth knowing how.

To begin with, the solution itself is prepared: it should not be hot and boiled, best if it corresponds to the temperature regime of the body. The procedure requires about 1000-1500 ml.

The enema is filled with a solution and placed in an upright position. The patient himself is laid on his side, and the tip is inserted into the anal opening. If there are any difficulties, lubrication with cream or petroleum jelly is permitted.

Enema with chamomile for dysbacteriosis

The enemas with intestinal dysbacteriosis with chamomile solution have analgesic and antiseptic effects. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to get rid of gas generation. However, do not do this too often.

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To prepare a solution in the pharmacy is purchased chamomile, which is filled with 1-2 liters of boiled water. The infusion process is carried out for 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to filter and mix with boiled cool water prepared for the procedure. It is worth noting that chamomile can also help with the violation of intestinal microflora, and harm it, so the use of such a tool should be appointed by a specialist.

Soda solution for enema with intestinal dysbiosis

With the help of soda enema, it is possible to remove slags from the intestinal cavity. It is worth noting that such a solution is not used if the infringement of the microflora was caused by infection and a stomach ulcer.

For 1000 ml of water is taken 50 g of baking soda. The solution is prepared and brought to a temperature of 40-45 degrees. Simultaneously, an ordinary enema with boiled water should be prepared. First a simple procedure is carried out, then with a soda solution, then a purifying one.

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