Diarrhea in liver diseases, loose stools in case of illness, diarrhea with cirrhosis

Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea - all these symptoms appear in certain diseases. Such symptoms mean that the work of the digestive tract is disrupted, which can lead to serious complications. Worst of all, if a person has a liver disease, diarrhea is the main symptom. It must be remembered that there is such a disease as cirrhosis of the liver - this is one of the gravest diseases that a person can suffer.

A person suffering from liver disease, feels weak and fast fatigue. The loads carried out daily become unworkable. A person has a loose stool, the liver does not cope with its functions, and many are concerned about vomiting and insomnia.

First, the patient exhibits episodic signs, which he can not pay attention to or do not attach importance. Every day, the detoxification function of the liver decreases.

As the main symptoms are:

  • Increase in temperature. Most often, in the morning, the temperature is higher than in the evening. This is due to the necrosis and decay of liver cells;Vomiting with blood. Outwardly vomiting resembles coffee grounds. Thus on a stomach it is possible to notice the convoluted venous network;
  • Bleeding. Half of the patients had bleeding. Bleeding may be the gum and nose. This is due to poor blood coagulation;
  • Diarrhea. A liquid stool may appear for any reason. For example, eating fatty foods. Sometimes diarrhea can contain particles of blood.
  • Sick liver and diarrhea should disturb the patient, forcing him to seek medical help from a doctor.

Get rid of diarrhea in liver diseases

Diarrhea is a symptom that can be treated at home. Before you proceed directly to treatment, it is necessary that the patient is examined by a doctor. This is due to the fact that diarrhea in liver diseases can cause complications. There are several treatment options for a loose stool that occurs with cirrhosis:

  • It is necessary to adhere to a gentle regimen that will not cause fatigue and pain;
  • Food should be rational;
  • Medicinal preparations that do not exacerbate cirrhosis are compulsorily taken, and diarrhea is completely eliminated;
  • The body should be replenished with salts and water.

Many patients believe that you can drink any liquid to make up for the loss. In fact, this is not so. It is recommended to use ordinary boiled water, which will allow the body to get all the necessary minerals. Diarrhea in liver cirrhosis requires a lot of drinking, so after every visit to the toilet the body should receive about 250 milliliters of fluid. As medicines it is best to use:

  • Antibiotics;
  • Enterosorbents;
  • Probiotics.

If after taking medications the liver hurts and the diarrhea does not go away, you should inform your doctor who will help cope with the disease. Only the specialist knows in which case it is necessary to prescribe this or that treatment, since liver damage is very serious.

Diet in liquid stool from liver diseases

After the treatment was prescribed, the doctor should make a diet together with his patient, which is strictly recommended to avoid serious complications, and diarrhea with cirrhosis does not disturb.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude from your diet foods that contribute to poor health and cause diarrhea:

  • Drinks containing alcohol, even in small proportions;
  • Dishes consisting of baking soda and baking powder. Such dishes include cakes, biscuits and plain bread;
  • Canned food, sausage, mayonnaise, sauces, cheeses and ice cream;
  • Grape juice;
  • Fatty kinds of meat( pork, goose, duck);
  • Fatty varieties of fish( sturgeon, catfish, eel, salmon);
  • Sushi and caviar;
  • Eggs in fried form, as they affect the performance of the liver.

The diet should include some meat, while it should be dietary, then the benefits will be greater. Instead of meat, you can eat eggs. One egg can replace 50 grams of meat. As for dairy products, for one day you can drink no more than one glass of milk. Sour cream can be consumed only if it is fat-free. Fatty foods can cause diarrhea and stomach pain. Vegetables and fruits can be consumed in any form. You can also cook any dishes from vegetables. The best is potato and pumpkin, as these foods have a beneficial effect on the liver and on digestion. As for the eggs, you can use only one boiled egg a day. It does not matter which egg the bird will be taken into the diet.

One day must be eaten at least four times. It is also important that food products do not cause stool changes. It is best if for each day an approximate menu of diarrhea with liver ailment is developed:

  • The morning should begin with breakfast. It is best if manna or buckwheat porridge is prepared. You can also cook porridge from oatmeal, millet and barley. Porridge is recommended to fill with sugar or baked fruit. During breakfast it is necessary to eat no more than 60 grams of salt-free bread and one egg. You can drink everything with sweet tea or juice;
  • For lunch it is recommended to eat about 60 grams of beef or chicken. If there is no meat, you can eat 90 grams of white fish. As a side dish, you can use potatoes. Dessert for fruit and tea;
  • Snack. Tea with milk and 60 grams of salt-free bread with jam;
  • Dinner should not overload the stomach. The ideal option is soup. For broth, many use poultry. Dessert is suitable for jelly from fruit juice, low-fat sour cream and tea.

Prevention of liver pathologies and diarrhea

In order for a patient not to be bothered by a loose stool, the liver should function normally. Do not forget about the prevention of disease. Diarrhea can appear at any time, regardless of the stage of the disease, but most often diarrhea with liver disease appears in the summer period of time. This is due to the high activity of microorganisms in the warm season.

You should also follow what is used for food. All dairy products must be thermally treated. The same applies to eggs.

Fish and meat products should be thoroughly cooked or roasted. It is necessary to ignore raw marine products and meat, since the bacteria on them will not only cause diarrhea, but also provoke an attack.

All dishes must be stored in a clean container in the refrigerator. After the expiration of the expiration date, they must be disposed of, regardless of their cost. Overdue foods cause severe diarrhea. You should also be careful in eating food from a cafe. If salads and similar foods are not stored in the refrigerator, after a few hours they are infected with bacteria that will cause a change in the digestive process.

If you follow the prophylaxis, diarrhea with liver disease will not so often bother patients. It is necessary to try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and not to abuse harmful food.

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