Dependence on the drug pervitin( methamphetamine, screw, pervintin): action, signs of use, predictions

Drugs in our country are quite an expensive pleasure. According to various estimates, the cost of a gram of heroin reaches $ 100, cocaine - 200-250 dollars. Not everyone can afford it. But for drug addicts, the main thing in life is getting high, and when there is not enough money for an expensive drug, it's replaced by synthetic rubbish. The second group includes drug narcotin.

Dependence on primate

Pervitin( screw, pervertin) is a domestic name, a derivative of methamphetamine. Methamphetamine itself( Meth) is a white powder in the form of small crystals. It is used both by injection and by inhalation through the nose or by mouth. Pervitin, as a derivative of meta, is also produced in the form of a powder. The drug addicts themselves most often call this drug a screw. Screw - a very cheap substance, drug addicts, not finding the funds for the next dose, they themselves cook it at home and then use it.

Firstly, it's easy to put a teenager on this drug, and then gradually pull it onto a more expensive heroin, and secondly, teenagers are generally easy to drag something into, and then they are promised that abolition of taking the drug does not bring with itabstinence syndrome, and the buzz gives a fabulous.

Mortal danger

Basically, the screw is taken by drug addicts intravenously. The drug quickly gets into the blood, so the buzz comes instantly. The addict under the screw feels a rush of strength, joy, sexual arousal. The world around starts to play with new colors, there is euphoria, an uncontrolled verbal flow. This state does not last long and the recession is very sharp. At this moment the holiday ends. The addict is overcome by a strong sleepiness, he becomes numb, muscles are filled with fatigue. As the drug addicts themselves describe this situation: "You hate the whole world, and you are ready to give everything for a new dose, because it brings the feeling of a holiday into your life."

Dependence on buzz when taking the screw comes almost from the first application, and after a couple of months of systematic admission, there is tolerance to the drug and the next dose is used only for the sake of normal existence. Without a dose of a drug addict, a terrible depression, apathy, he is ready to lie on the bed for weeks, without even getting up to go to the toilet.

There are three stages of dependence:

  1. Mental."Parishes" last for a long time, sensations are sharp and unforgettable. The teenager is overcome by an unprecedented burst of energy. It is for the sake of these impressions that subsequent doses are acquired. With the development of the dependence, the dosage increases, and the duration of the impressions decreases. The transition to the second stage begins.
  2. The stage of physical dependence. Intoxication passes very quickly, there is an abstinence syndrome - the adolescent as a result of the drug cancellation headaches, convulsions, develop shortness of breath. The intake of pervitin immediately alleviates the condition. But the drug is not taken for the sake of facilitating physical withdrawal, but to get an acute sensation of buzz, which lasts a very short time. As a result, the dose again increases from a few milligrams of the drug, which the addict took at the initial stage of consumption, up to a half milliliters. This stage can be decisive - a teenager turns to more expensive drugs or dies.
  3. The third stage is characterized by complete exhaustion of the body due to lack of appetite. Pervitin is taken only in order to live up to the next dose. In the third stage, the teenager, as a rule, dies.

Given the self-construction, the product contains a lot of contaminants, which, when ingested, inject the internal organs with injections. A person gets a so-called pyrogenic shock - the body temperature rises to forty degrees in a few minutes, the limb shakes, foam can go from the mouth. Such a state of drug addicts are called "shaking".In fact, this condition is very similar to an attack of epilepsy.

All internal organs suffer from the constant use of a synthetic drug - the liver and kidneys are unable to remove toxins that accumulate in the body, the heart does not withstand constant changes in blood pressure, the blood vessels in the brain are destroyed, which leads to a stroke and paralysis in a very young person.
On the video, the whole truth about the drug pervitin:

Signs and symptoms of use

Long-term use of Pervitin gives the following symptoms:

  • Refusal of food. The screw causes loss of appetite and the associated painful thinness;
  • insomnia for a long period of time;
  • change in mental state. The adolescent has paranoia, delusions of persecution, a pattern of obsessive movements, hallucinations and other unusual manifestations;
  • constant elevated body temperature;
  • dilated pupils;
  • sharp change of mood.

A teenager taking primitin is not so easy to get out of the clutches of drugs, treatment and rehabilitation are very long. But before the drug kills a child, it's worth fighting for it and showing the teenager that a sober life can also be a buzz.

In the photo, the effects of prolonged intake of pervitin

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