Causes of dizziness in heart diseases: tachycardia, stroke, heart attack

Dizziness is felt by people of different ages and it is difficult to find those who have not experienced this unpleasant symptom. Confusion of consciousness, incorrect awareness of oneself in space, feeling of movement of objects and oneself - all this characterizes an attack of dizziness. Therefore, today we will consider methods of traditional and folk treatment of vertigo in cardiovascular diseases, its signs and causes of occurrence at normal pressure.

Features of dizziness in heart diseases and other ailments

An inherent symptom of more than 80 diseases, and often arises from the confluence of several factors. Sudden and frequent seizures may well be a signal from the body, a request for help. Particular attention to the manifestation of such a symptom should draw people with cardiac diseases.

About why dizziness is dangerous, and what cardiologists believe, this video will tell:


Experts subdivide dizziness into several types:

  1. System .The symptom is manifested as a consequence of internal pathology.
  2. Physiological .May be the result of overwork or stress, falling glucose, etc.

Classification is carried out for 2 more types:

  1. Peripheral dizziness. Revealed in case of problems with the vestibular apparatus or with lesions of the inner ear.
  2. Central dizziness is the result of impaired brain activity.

How to identify

Dizziness is often accompanied by a number of other symptoms:

  • muscle pain;
  • headache or migraine;
  • increased fatigue;
  • hypertension;
  • weakness;
  • sticky sweat;
  • speech problems;
  • swelling;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • malfunctioning of the heart;
  • violation of the ability to move the limbs.

The combination of these signs can speak of serious pathologies. For example, stroke and myocardial infarction are manifested. With other cardiological problems, a person often feels a fast heartbeat, a sense of anxiety, suffers from shortness of breath, a cough.


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About, whether there is a giddiness at a cervical osteochondrosis, a tachycardia, a heart failure, a stroke and after a heart attack, we will tell further.

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Possible diseases and disorders

Vertigo is diagnosed with a number of disorders:

  • labyrinthite;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • Ménière's disease;
  • is a vestibular neuritis;
  • injury;
  • stroke;
  • basilar disease;
  • tumor.

The reasons for dizziness are enough, even weakness and lack of sleep are accompanied by it. But the symptom can also speak of a number of diseases that do not always indicate only neurological problems.

It is present also in the following diseases of the cardiac sphere:

  • tachycardia;
  • endocarditis, myocarditis and other inflammatory processes in the heart;
  • anemia;
  • aortic valve failure;
  • heart neurosis;
  • heart failure.

Symptom may indicate developing atherosclerosis or an excessively high cholesterol level. Mark the appearance of dizziness in blood pressure or when it decreases.

About what to pierce for a heart and from a giddiness and what tablets to accept, we will tell more low.

How to deal with such a symptom

If dizziness occurs, lie down and do not panic.

  • Try to ensure fresh air.
  • If the pressure rises or the values ​​of blood pressure, on the contrary, have greatly decreased, the drug prescribed by the doctor should be taken.
  • Next, you need to monitor the appearance of other symptoms. If there was a loss of consciousness and there were other signs( interruptions in the activity of the heart, pain), it is recommended to take a person to a hospital or call an ambulance.

If you suspect that dizziness may be due to heart disease, you should not practice self-medication at all. If the seizures are frequent, the long wait for the appearance of other signs of cardiac pathology is dangerous. Any disease should be treated timely, but it is with heart problems that it is important to abide by this rule. Early diagnosis will help to avoid risks to the health and life of the patient.

Tactics of treatment is aimed specifically at eliminating the cause, which served as a trigger for the appearance of dizziness. If you constantly remove only the symptom, then the result of such therapy will not bring. However, to facilitate the condition before a visit to a doctor, you can use medicines such as:

  • Cinnarizine,
  • Promethazine,
  • Diazepam,
  • Betagistin hydrochloride,
  • Meclosin,
  • Scopolamine.

To prevent dizziness and any negative symptoms associated with the work of the heart, you need to visit the doctor regularly and undergo scheduled examinations. In addition, you need to go to the principles of proper nutrition and do not ignore the need for daily workloads. Good results are achieved in combination with physiotherapy and massage.

Even more useful information about possible ailments with dizziness, and how to deal with them, will tell Elena Malysheva:

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