What to do if after head massage the head hurts

1 Sources of the appearance of the cephalgia

Our spine consists of 35 vertebrae, which are by nature related to the neck and back of a person. Violations of the structure of the spine, namely, displacement of the vertebrae, clamping of nerve endings and its curvature adversely affect the human body as a whole.

The cervical vertebrae of the collar zone are particularly weak and vulnerable due to weak muscles and exceptional design. Their close proximity to each other, even under small loads, can displace them and help squeeze the nerves and vessels of the spine.

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Important! If during the procedure there will be increased pressure on the cervical vertebrae and they will shift, then, as a relapse, there will be severe headaches and a general malaise of the whole organism.

Severe headache after back and neck massage in the area of ​​the collar zone can be caused:

  • incorrectly matched massage technique for a specific patient;
  • by performing a massage with an unprofessional manual;
  • by an incorrect position of the head during massage of the collar zone and back;
  • by forcing the artery of the spine;
  • by deforming the canal of the artery of the spine.

The area of ​​the collar zone is equipped with a large artery, through which blood supplies oxygen to the brain. And if the session was performed incorrectly, then the artery may be squeezed, resulting in a headache and malaise. During the massage of the collar area and its stimulation, the blood comes to the head in a larger volume, so a massage can cause a headache.

In general, people with a spasmodic arterial pressure, ie increased or decreased, tend to have cephalalgia. Therefore, this nuance must be taken into account not only during the massage of the collar zone and back, but also before the appointment of such a procedure. It is better in this case to change the technique of massage and use massaging in the direction of the head to prevent the flow of large amounts of blood to it.

2 Classification of reactions

In medicine, there is a whole classification of reactions to massage, which is divided into types:

  • A - the period after the massage without any changes in the patient's condition. That is, the indicator of the study of the patient's condition does not deviate either for the better or for the worse. But the indicator can be treated as positive / A1 /, and negative / A2 / moment depending on the state of affairs.
  • B - with small muscle pains, which are determined by palpation before the massage and disappear on their own after a small massage aimed at restoring the body.
  • C - obvious muscle aches and strength, in which the well-being does not deteriorate. And muscular pains in the next massage or physical stretching pass.
  • B - strengthening of muscle pain, in which the patient has a decrease in tone, apathy and nervous overexcitation. This symptomatology lasts more than one day, but it passes by itself.
  • E - the condition strongly worsens and some diseases can arise and become aggravated. This can be judged by alarming symptoms, such as weakness, head spinning, spasmodic pressure, headache.

3 Factors that cause pain and malaise.

Human exposure. This factor is mainly because the people working in this field for many years, has behind him a lot of practice and professionalism, is immune from any error that may cause further deterioration in the patient's state of health.

Important! After all, even a small squeezing of the nerve endings or displacement of the vertebrae may be the root cause of the headache.

Soreness. There are such professionals for whom carrying out a massage with pain is considered a competent and effective procedure. Carrying out a massage with force by pressing hands on the neck and back can lead to damage to the spine, pain appears. It encourages the release of chemical constituents into the blood. As a consequence, the body gets a certain toxicity, which has symptoms of pain in the form of the head and muscle weakness, nausea, and other factors.


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Restrictions. Despite the relative safety at the kneading of the collar zone and back, this kind of massage has some limitations. For example, problems with the heart or vascular system. Since the procedure of massage involves long lying down, it increases the amount and speed of blood flow through the vessels, so that starts abruptly jump blood pressure.

Due to massage the blood is filled with oxygen, resulting in dizzy, a headache, and weakness. Also, the massage warms up the patient's body, its temperature rises, which can also negatively affect the human body.

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4 Treatment

If after the massage head hurts, the possible reason is the increase in blood pressure, symptoms: nausea, rapid pulse, flushing. This worsens the heart, negatively affects the blood vessels, so there is a need to stabilize the pressure. Particularly severe headaches can be removed by using medications for anesthesia, thereby facilitating the overall well-being of the patient. In addition, the condition can be improved by using cool compresses on the head.

Do not forget to consult a doctor!

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