Pain with peptic ulcer. What are the pains? Where does the ulcer hurt?

One of the most dangerous lesions of the stomach is an ulcer. Pain in this pathological formation arises from the spasm of the gastric walls in the central or left hypochondrium of the abdomen. Very often, with stomach ulcer, the pain is localized in the upper back, under the shoulder blades, because of which some patients do not suspect the presence of pathology in the stomach cavity.

Many people are interested in the question, does the stomach ulcer hurt? In addition to acute attacks, it can pass and is asymptomatic. Such ulcers are also called dumb. They are manifested, most often in people with diabetes mellitus, those who use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and abuse alcoholic beverages, as well as the elderly. The danger of pathology is that it is not accompanied by any symptoms. A person seeks help after the appearance of characteristic complications( bleeding, stenosis, perforation, penetration).To detect such a tumor can only be with the help of special equipment during a diagnostic examination with a gastroenterologist.

But in most cases it is manifested by severe pains, which can be seasonal in nature. Most often they worry about autumn and spring - these are the most dangerous periods characterized by exacerbation. Pain in the ulcer of the stomach concentrates in the middle of the stomach and spreads throughout its cavity. This is the first symptom of the formation of a new ulcer or relapse of the old, which can be opened due to a violation of diet, stress, bad habits( alcohol and cigarette smoking).

What are the most common pains in the stomach ulcer? This is a strong attack, which is quite long, have a nagging character. Allocate early, late, night, periodic and acute pain. The stomach can also ache after eating. This is due to a violation of diet. The use of fatty, fried, spicy, smoked, salty foods exacerbates the symptoms and intensifies the pain.

Characteristics of pain in peptic ulcer:

  • Early. It begins about 40 minutes after eating. The duration of this process is about 2 hours, after which it can go on its own or subside for a while. At repeated resumption it is necessary to eliminate it by taking one of the medicines from the group of antacids( Maalox, Almagel, Fosfalugel).
  • Late .Occurs about 3-6 hours after eating. Remains of untreated food, which remain in the cavity of the stomach due to a violation of its motor skills, provoke the defeat of pathological formations. Disturbing the feeling of heaviness, which is accompanied by severe pain. With a stomach ulcer to eliminate these symptoms, doctors recommend taking bismuth preparations( De-nol, Bismol, Tribimol, Vikalin).
  • Hungry .The accumulated juice in an empty stomach easily affects the mucous membrane, provoking severe pain and discomfort. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to eat often( up to 6 times a day), eating food in small portions.
  • Periodic ( short-term).Is manifested as a result of exacerbation of the disease. Has a non-permanent character and disappears on its own. It occurs as a result of a spasm of the gastric muscles.
  • Night .It is intense and very sharp. When it appears, you can use a little food( milk, bread, water).If it does not pass, use spasmolytic drugs( Papaverin, Galidor).
  • Acute ( dagger).Where and how the stomach ulcer hurts with exacerbations, patients of gastroenterologists know. Acute pain is a very dangerous symptom, which can indicate a perforation of the wall of the digestive organ. This means the formation of a through hole, through which food can enter beyond its limits, into the abdominal cavity. This kind of pain in the stomach ulcer can cause a person a pain shock. It is urgent to take the patient to the hospital, where he will be provided with qualified assistance.

Of particular importance are medications for the treatment of gastric ulcer. They can be divided into groups: holinolitiki, spasmolytics, ganglioblokatory, bismuth-containing, antacids. All of them are successfully used for the relief of pain syndromes of different manifestations. Each patient, a gastroenterologist, chooses those drugs that correspond to the anamnesis of the disease. This means that treatment has an individual and integrated approach. When asked what to do if the ulcer hurts, there is one correct answer - you need to see a doctor. Self-treatment can only exacerbate the condition.

Are there headaches with a stomach ulcer?

Headaches for stomach ulcers are often the result of side effects of medications that the patient takes.

A person in whom an ulcer is diagnosed, headaches can also be troubling due to nausea and vomiting. During the activation of the emetic reflex, the muscles of the pharynx, cervical region and head are sharply reduced. This contributes to an instant increase in blood levels in the vessels of the subcranial region. After the end of vomiting, pulsating pain, caused by a sharp outflow of blood, is disturbed.

Vertigo in case of stomach ulcer can cause bleeding. As a result of blood loss, the blood pressure of the whole body decreases, which can provoke general weakness.

Bleeding ulcerative education is a serious complication. Its sign is the presence of blood in vomit masses or feces. This condition requires urgent hospitalization. As a result of a significant loss of blood in the stomach ulcer, the pressure may drop, causing severe dizziness.

Abdominal pain with stomach ulcer

Initially, the localization of pain in the stomach ulcer occurs in the abdomen, most often in the epigastric zone, less often in the left or right subcostal area and in the lower back. It also very rarely occurs in the lower abdomen and chest.

Abdominal pain in the stomach ulcer is a characteristic symptom of the pathology. Attacks of severe pain syndrome can result in nausea and acid vomiting.

Very often the ulcer hurts during physical exertion. The abdomen is in constant tension, which provokes a spasm. Also, constant pain in the abdomen may indicate the development of complications( perigastritis, perivistercite, penetration), which require immediate treatment.

To ease the condition, it is necessary to bend the legs in the knees and press to the chest( the bent and semi-bent position of the human body allows to ease the pain attacks slightly).

Back pain with stomach ulcer

If a stomach ulcer is diagnosed, back pain can often bother the patient. Such feelings are very deceptive, as people mistakenly mistaken for back problems and begin to treat it specifically. Determine the exact cause of pain can only be during a diagnostic examination with the therapist. If a person is prone to ulcerous formations, you should consult a gastroenterologist.

Pain given in the back can be manifested as a result of abnormal gastric motility and accompanied by a bitter taste, acid and rottenness in the mouth, as well as nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

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