First and first aid for stomach ulcer

Medical care for gastric ulcer should be provided as early as possible, which directly depends not only on the effectiveness of treatment, but also often on a person's life. Periodic nausea with pain, to which a vomitive reflex is added, indicates a chronic course of the disease. Repeated attacks of heartburn, pain on an empty stomach and increased salivation( hypersalivation) are symptoms that aggravate the initial stage of the disease, so they must be urgently eliminated. Effective care for peptic ulcer of the stomach will ensure an elementary compliance with the diet and antacid drugs that help to normalize the acidity of the digestive juice. Reduce the spasm of smooth muscles in the presence of dull pain can be, by taking a weak drug of the spasmolytic group.

Usually muffled pain in the stomach area occurs as a result of disorders of a balanced diet or due to stress stress. If a person has similar symptoms, first aid for an ulcer from health workers may not be needed, but after, it is still necessary to consult a gastroenterologist.

Peptic ulcer: first aid in exacerbation of

Intensive pain attacks are always caused by exacerbation of the ulcer. Wave-shaped incessant flares of strong and weak intensity may be the reason for perforation of the walls of the digestive organ. In this case, first aid for a stomach ulcer consists in immediate hospitalization. In the meantime, a medical team will arrive, the patient should be better placed on his back with a slightly raised head and slightly bent legs. This is necessary in order to ensure peace and the flow of fresh air. This removes tension from the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and reduces pain.

You should not use any painkiller medication yourself and drink water. Painkillers will eliminate the main symptomatology of the disease, and a diagnostic error will lead to incorrect therapeutic actions. Also, with end-to-end defects, everything that gets into the stomach will be outside its walls, that is, in the abdominal cavity, and this threatens with serious complications. Only the ambulance will take care of further activities.

Before transporting a patient to a hospital, if there is evidence of toxic shock, an emergency for stomach ulcer with perforation of the walls is to insert the probe into the body to remove the contents. Then they inject substances that contribute to the recovery and enhancement of respiratory and vasomotor processes. Medical measures are simultaneously regarded as preparation for an operative intervention.

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