Is the stomach ulcer transmitted by inheritance? How is it transmitted? Causes and factors

People who have or have had relatives with diseases of the digestive tract, very often they are interested in the question, is the stomach ulcer transmitted by inheritance?

It should be noted that heredity occupies one of the most important places among the etiological factors that influence the development of the disease. But relatives can inherit only predisposition, and not the disease itself. If, according to his life principles, a person will take care of his health, then the danger of manifestation of the illness will be leveled.

There is a list of genetic factors that increase the likelihood of transmission of the stomach ulcers by inheritance:

  • Blood group 0( I) Rh positive factor.
  • Presence of HLA antigens( B5, B15, B35).
  • Inadequate secretion of IgA and prostaglandins( reduced mucosal stability).
  • Congenital deficiency of mucus fucomucoproteins.
  • Hereditary increase in the number( mass) of cells in the lining and their hypersensitivity to gastritis.
  • Disorder of gastroduodenal motor and increased production of pepsinogen-1( negatively affect the mucous membrane, weaken its elasticity, increase the risk of manifestation of the inflammatory process).This is a direct prerequisite for the onset of the disease.

Is the stomach ulcer transmitted from parents to children? According to statistical studies, if one of the parents was sick with a stomach ulcer, the probability of its appearance in children is about 49%.In the case of detection of pathology in both parents, this figure reaches 91%.But this does not mean that children of the stomach are doomed to a mandatory manifestation of the disease. It is very important to protect yourself from bad habits, to lead a correct way of life and not to be influenced by negative factors.

It should be emphasized that most often the ulcer is transmitted by inheritance precisely in the presence of adverse concomitant factors. The main ones are mental disorders, emotional stress, deep depressive states. When a person is exposed to such influence, the balance of the nervous system of the body is disturbed, and this provokes not only the development of ulcerative diseases, but also negatively affects other organs and systems of the body.

Proper nutrition will help preventive measures, and the absence of bad habits( spirits, cigarettes, strong coffee) will completely protect a person from the complex and dangerous disease of the main digestive organ. Also, people at risk should be very careful in dealing with patients with gastric ulcer caused by the bacterium Helikobakter Pilori.

Such a disease is transmitted through handshakes, kisses, joint food.

As a stomach ulcer is transmitted, everyone should know everything, especially those who have hereditary prerequisites for the onset of the disease. This is very important information, because it affects the health of the human body.

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