Weakness in constipation

Everyone who has encountered the problem of obstructed bowel movements knows firsthand about the mass of unpleasant sensations that constipation brings. Weakness is one of the most common signs of this intestinal dysfunction. It happens either in the legs or in the general, causing apathy and loss of efficiency. To get rid of such a negative symptomatology is possible only after finding out the true cause that caused the pathology. Therefore, those people who often have stool delays and accompanying apathy often recommend visiting a specialist first. Diagnosis of an ailment that causes short-term or prolonged constipation, accompanied by general weakness, is carried out in many ways. Chronic pathology is recognized when problems during emptying and excessively hard stool are observed for several months. The acute form of the disease is characterized by a sharply delayed stool for more than 3 days, as well as the appearance of vomiting or vomiting. This type of malaise mostly occurs as a side effect of medications or the consequence of a craniocerebral trauma.

But whatever happens to be the cause of constipation, the weakness that occurs with prolonged stool retention is a consequence of an organism's intoxication. Toxication leads to toxins, allocated by stagnant calves. They flow with the current of blood through the body and disrupt the smooth functioning of systems and organs. To get rid of these manifestations or prevent their appearance, first of all you should pay attention to the diet and motor activity. Those patients who are accustomed to regulate the work of the intestines with laxatives and enemas, it should be recalled that such measures can be resorted only in exceptional cases and after consulting a specialist. Applying them leads to addiction, and as a result, increased constipation accompanied by weakness. What is best done to normalize the intestine? Experts recommend at home to emphasize the following:

  • Completely exclude from the diet products that contribute to the delay in emptying. The absence of constipation will prevent poisoning of the body with toxins and the person will lose permanent weakness;
  • Every morning, you should start with a little exercise. They will contribute to maintaining the tone of the muscles of the intestine and the hip system;
  • Also to eliminate long constipation, which causes intoxication and weakness, the prescriptions of traditional medicine will help. Herbal teas and decoctions cooked on them, contribute to the rapid normalization of the work of the digestive system.
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