How do pinworms go outside, how to kill( destroy), after what time they die, how are dead worms removed from the anus?

Children, playing in the sand, do not even suspect that a parasite like a pinworm can get into their bodies with dirty hands. When the helminth begins to develop, the patient's immunity decreases. Also, he may have the following symptoms:

  • An itch of anus;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Headaches;
  • Insomnia.

To kill a pinworm, you can resort to medication or traditional medicine. Before you start therapy, it is recommended to visit the clinic to confirm the diagnosis.

How to kill pinworms?

Many patients are interested in questions about how many pinworms die, as this can change their habitual way of life. It all depends on what kind of treatment will be chosen. If you choose one of the following drugs, dead pinworms will come out the next day:

  • Pirantel;
  • Decaris;
  • Vermox;
  • Nemosol.

Despite the fact that worms die quickly enough, it is necessary to consider the likelihood of side effects. In most cases, all medicines for the destruction of pinworms cause:

  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Increase the temperature;
  • Cause abdominal pain.

Sometimes patients ask why pinworms go out? This can happen in several cases. First, the adult comes out of the intestine in order to bring out a new offspring. Secondly, the parasite weakened by medications, can leave to be saved.

For those who do not have the ability to kill worms with medicines, they can take advantage of the recipes of traditional medicine. When choosing herbal treatment, you should know after what time kill pinworms. It all depends on the choice of the infusions or herbs. In most cases, the pinworm can be destroyed only after 7 days. The most popular recipes are:

  • Garlic-milk enema. To prepare the solution, you need 200 milliliters of milk and 1 head of garlic. Place the ingredients in a container and then put on a fire. When the broth is ready, it should be cooled, and only then do an enema and the morning will be the first dead individual;
  • Infusion of bitter wormwood. As a basis, use the grass, which is crushed, and then poured vodka. The medicine must be infused for several days;
  • Collection of herbs. It is best if the collection is based on tansy, which has a beneficial effect on the body and kills parasites. Released dead individuals can be seen in the stool.

Parents are advised to check the feces of their young children daily, it is necessary to understand if the killed individuals leave the intestine.

How do the pinworms come out?

Sometimes, pinworms come out of the anus when a person falls asleep. During the breeding season, the parasite is selected into the perianal region. In some cases, a sexually mature individual gets on bed linen along with his eggs, and then moves to another person.

Most of the pinworms, during the laying of eggs, die, so the killed helminths come out with a feces, where they can be seen. To enterobiosis does not apply to all family members, it is recommended to install a cotton swab moistened with oil or petroleum jelly for the night. Thanks to such a measure it is possible to prevent:

  • Propagation of parasites;
  • Appearance of itching;
  • Moving the parasite over the bed.

It is also recommended to perform the following actions:

  • It is best for a kid to wear gloves at night so that the child can not itch in a dream;
  • Children should sleep in panties with elastic bands on their hips. Such underwear will not allow helminthes to enter the external environment;
  • Bed and underwear wash every morning, and then thoroughly iron.

If you do all these measures, pinworm will not get to other family members, and when you take medicines quickly die.

How to kill pinworms in prevention?

Kill pinworms quite simply, you just need to buy the necessary medicine or take advantage of traditional medicine methods. Unfortunately, the life of the worms in the patient decreases immunity. Also, when worms penetrate the genitals, more serious diseases can develop.

It is best not to allow the appearance of worms. To do this, you should monitor the cleanliness. Children and their parents should always wash their hands before eating and after visiting public places. The same applies to visiting the restroom.

Vegetables and fruits are best treated with hot water. They may be larvae and pinworm eggs. Of course, if a dead individual enters the body, nothing terrible will happen, it is simply digested by the stomach. If eggs or larvae penetrate, then sooner a person will have enterobiasis.

Residential premises should be cleaned every day, if there is no time for it, then wet cleaning should be done at least once a week. In the dust, the released eggs of the helminth may be hidden. Inhaling dust particles, a person runs the risk of contracting.

It is better to protect against enterobiosis in advance than to kill worms later. In addition, doctors do not give parents a sick leave sheet for such a disease, and the treatment course is at least 2 weeks.

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