How to sleep after drinking: the causes of insomnia, use of drugs, detoxification, folk recipes

often goes into a drunken state, then, most likely, he knows what insomnia is after a long drinking-bout. Usually such people have a very sensitive, restless and short sleep. In a state of drowsiness, a drunken alcoholic can scream, talk, rave, which greatly scares his family. Such a state is of great interest for specialists, because it is impossible to cope with post-bass insomnia by traditional methods. Hangover problems with sleep negatively affect the nervous system activity, can provoke nervous breakdowns and repeated drinking-bouts.

Insomnia after drinking binge

Initially, a drunken alcoholic experiences minor sleep disorders and can not fall asleep, he can only sleep after drinking a lot of alcohol. However, over time, sleep disorders go to a serious level, and with them it becomes more difficult to fight.

After a binged sleep acquires sensitivity and short duration, accompanied by extraneous sounds, screams, hallucinations. Similar changes with a dream can arise both from strong alcohol, and drinks like beer. In other words, any alcoholic drink can affect the quality of sleep. Simply after a long binge, the body of the drinker is difficult to recover, it takes time, and insomnia acts as a side effect.

Types of insomnia after binge drinking

Alcoholic insomnia can manifest itself in several forms:

  • Insonmia. The person does not manage to fall asleep, he for a long time turns, disturbs headaches, etc. In general, insomnia manifests a long sleep and a bad dream, when normal sleep is absent and the patient does not have the opportunity to normally rest. As a result, the patient has persistent headaches and aches in the joints;
  • Sometimes insomnia arises from the constant use of alcohol and has a chronic character, then they speak of the idiopathic form of insomnia;
  • A sensitive and restless sleep. Man manages to quickly fall into a dream, however, the slightest rustle or creak is capable of waking him. Sometimes the sensitivity of sleep is determined by an unquenchable thirst characteristic of a post-binge condition;
  • Often, the occurrence of psychological disorders may provoke insomnia. The psychic is broken, and the drinker is deprived of sleep. This form needs specialized therapy;
  • Complete insomnia. This form of insomnia often occurs after prolonged drinking conditions. The patient sleeps sensitively, simultaneously experiencing hallucinations, as a result, anxiety and nervousness increases. Hallucinogenic visions can be so real that the fear of the patient greatly increases. The danger of complete insomnia is that it often becomes a factor provoking the emergence of white fever or alcoholic delirium.

As you can see, this condition can be very dangerous for the patient, so it often requires the intervention of

specialists. What to do

There are many ways to get rid of hangover insomnia, however, they need to be used, focusing on the patient's condition. If a sensitive dream can do with any home remedies, then with complete or mentally conditioned insomnia, intervention of specialists is required.

Drug medications

Medication-based elimination techniques are among the most effective ways to fall asleep and forget about insomnia. However, it is not recommended to use any medications on their own, because they can lead to unpredictable consequences. Usually, drugs of sedative, psychotropic and vascular action are prescribed. Dosage of these drugs should be individually determined by the narcologist.

Benzodiazepines like Diazepam are a group of psychoactive drugs with a neuro-systemic effect. They are depressant agents with pronounced sedative and hypnotic effects.


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Taking these drugs provides the following action:

  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Soothes;
  • Provide a lasting and strong sleep.

Often used and lighter vegetable analogues of benzodiazepines such as Valerian, Glycine, Persen, etc. Soothing agents like Corvalol quickly get rid of neuroses, sleep disorders, provide a vasodilating effect. Such medications help to achieve a natural sleep, which will ensure a more rapid recovery of the body after drinking.

Calling an expert in narcology

In large cities, you can use the service to call a narcologist at home. Such services are necessary not only at the time of drinking-bouts, but also in a hangover state, and also hangover insomnia. A specialist at home will put a dropper, which will help cleanse the body of the products of ethanol decay, which harm the body.

After digestion in patient:

  • General condition improves;
  • Overwhelming concern;
  • Passes a neurosis;
  • Eliminates the desire to get drunk.

The composition of the dropper includes antiemetics, which stabilize the patient's well-being. In addition to a dropper, the specialist will make an individual treatment for the patient and the necessary treatment plan. As a result of observing the appointed recommendations, the drinker has no desire to take a new portion of alcohol, restores sleep and the body as a whole.

Detoxification measures

Sometimes, when hungover sleeplessness, there is no need to take tablets, and home disintoxication at home, which suggests:

  • Activated charcoal reception, can help eliminate sleep problems. This agent promotes the accelerated withdrawal of toxins. However, activated charcoal has contraindications, according to which it is contraindicated if there is a tendency to constipation.
  • Compliance with increased liquid mode. Experts recommend drinking more kefir, mineral water, fruit drinks, sour compotes, etc. As a result of the abundant consumption of liquid, the body will soon release toxic substances, after which the self-healing of sleep will occur.
  • Return normal appetite. This is necessary to restore the strength of the body, in order to cope more quickly with the withdrawal syndrome. It is recommended to eat cabbage soup from cabbage, rich borscht and soups. And to cleanse the intestines will help the use of fresh vegetables.
  • Cleansing enema. This method will help rather to relieve the intestines of toxins, which will restore its work and normalize digestive processes.
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