Drugs for diarrhea, than to treat severe diarrhea in an adult, what is the best, good, effective against a loose stool, which of the inexpensive helps against an upset stomach?

According to statistics, diarrhea is one of the most common diseases. There are many ways to treat diarrhea and for each of them certain drugs are used, but without consulting a doctor, it is not recommended to take them. This prohibition is connected with the fact that the ailment has multiple causes provoking its development and, before proceeding to therapy, it is necessary to reveal the factor that served as a prerequisite for its occurrence in a child or in an adult patient. The medicine for diarrhea can be prescribed only by a specialist after carrying out the necessary research:

  • In case if indigestion is provoked by psychoemotional factors, doctors prescribe sedatives to eliminate the unpleasant symptom in addition to fixing funds;
  • IBS is treated by adjusting the diet;
  • The medicine for diarrhea in an adult caused by intestinal dysbiosis is probiotic preparations;
  • Sorbents and enzymatic agents may be required in case of indigestion or overeating;
  • If diarrhea appears as a consequence of the course of therapy, a specialist consultation and replacement of the drug is necessary.

But, despite the variety of forms of diarrhea, in the event that it was not provoked by a serious illness of any organ, there are also common methods, how and what to treat an upset stomach. To better understand the variety of anti-diarrhea drugs, and to find out which of them is the most effective in each case, they should be reviewed.

Drugs for diarrhea that regulate intestinal peristalsis

If you consider them depending on the price category, then the cheapest drug for diarrhea, which also helps and is sold without a prescription, is Loperamide. It is indicated for diarrhea of ​​any origin. The action of the drug is aimed at reducing intestinal motility. But he also has contraindications. The product can not be used in pregnancy, infectious diseases and ulcers. A cheap and effective cure for diarrhea is also Ftalazol. It is an inexpensive antimicrobial drug that helps in the treatment of a variety of intestinal infections and is used against diarrhea having a different etiology.

Add to the list of anti-diarrhea drugs in adults with drugs such as Sulfaguanidine, which is the best anti-stool drug of uncertain origin and Furazolidone, recommended by specialists for various infectious bowel diseases. Its greatest effectiveness is observed in the treatment of adults with a disorder of the stomach accompanied by diarrhea that has occurred with enterocolitis, dysentery, salmonellosis.

But the list of good medicines for severe diarrhea, which is non-infectious and caused by food poisoning, includes such tools as Intetriks and Enterol. Patients often ask what contraindications are available for these drugs and whether they can be taken without prescribing a doctor? Consultation of a specialist is necessary in any case, since diarrhea, which is a syndrome that appears in many pathologies, is a protective reaction of the body. During it watery excrement is carried out from the digestive tract pathogenic microorganisms and accumulating toxins, so stopping the symptom with medication is possible only according to the doctor's prescription.

List of diarrhea medicines with adsorptive action

This group of drugs is designed to bind excess water, toxins, viruses and bacteria in the lumen of the intestine, remove them from the body and cover the inside of the walls of the digestive organs with a protective layer. Since these products can be purchased without a prescription, often patients are wondering which of them is the best. The most effective against pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting the digestive organs in adults, the following diarrhea medicines will work:

  1. Entereroz, a drug very well tolerated by patients of any age group, which reduces the multiplicity of the manifestation of a loose stool. He is considered the best by many specialists and is prescribed for complex therapy of the disease. Enterodesis acts against pathogenic microorganisms that cause acute diarrhea;
  2. Perfectly helps with severe diarrhea and kaopectat. This preparation is natural and is available in the form of a suspension or tablets. Contraindications for adult patients in this drug for diarrhea are not identified;
  3. Also, with patients questioning which medication helps with stomach upset and at the same time is affordable, Smect should not be ignored. The drug is used for diarrhea caused by acute intestinal infections. The course of treatment lasts no more than a week.

The most popular in the list of anti-diarrhea drugs, active charcoal remains in adult patients. Despite its weak effect, many consider this pill to be the best remedy that can be used during a stomach upset. The effectiveness of activated charcoal in strong liquid stools depends directly on the dose: 10-20 kg of body weight should be 1 tablet.

Drugs for the recovery of microflora after diarrhea

Medications can stop diarrhea quickly enough. But they can only treat the manifestations of such a sign as a liquid stool, but they can not completely restore the functional activity of the intestine. In order for the digestive organs to occupy a new microflora, finally and in the shortest possible time normalizing digestion, it is necessary to take probiotics. These medicines are not used as an emergency aid for diarrhea. They are necessary for the imbalance of normal gastrointestinal microflora, and also used during recovery after taking antibiotics and long-term intestinal infections. They contain live bifido- or lactobacilli. To achieve the best result, you need a long reception of probiotics, at least 1 month. The list of inexpensive drugs of this type, used during diarrhea, is quite extensive. I would like to dwell on some of the cheapest means:

  1. Bactisubtil. These tablets contain a stick of B. Subtilis, which produces useful organic acids in the intestines, so that the microflora in it comes to normal. This medicine is indicated in the case when the growth of bacteria during diarrhea is very high and there is a risk of infection;
  2. Lineks, also an excellent remedy, contains 3 types of normal microflora, which has a beneficial effect on the whole gastrointestinal tract. With the help of this inexpensive medication, used during diarrhea, it is possible to support the work of both the thick and small intestines.

But it must be remembered that for each patient the choice of diarrhea tablets should be strictly individual. Than to treat a pathology in each concrete case, depends on the reason, its caused, individual features of the person and the general condition of an organism. And, in any case, the therapy of the disease with medicines should be carried out together with the strengthening of the drinking regime and compliance with the diet.

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