Polysorb in diarrhea( diarrhea) in children

Polysorb with diarrhea removes from the body all the toxic substances and toxins that are the product of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms caught in the digestive tract from the outside and which provoked the development of diarrhea. It is not for nothing that this drug, produced in powder form, is very popular with parents of young children. It is effective practically to all bacteria and viruses that can disrupt the digestive organs of a child. Polysorb's uniqueness lies in the fact that it has a very large sorption surface, which allows it to bind up to 10 billion pathogenic microorganisms in the lumen of the intestine, and bring them out, stopping the harmful effect. In addition, 1 gram of the drug absorbs up to 5 grams of water, preventing this further development of diarrhea. Polysorb is used to treat a child with the following pathological conditions that cause diarrhea:

  • Any infectious bowel disease;
  • Allergies of any origin, both accompanied by diarrhea, and causing a rash on the body;
  • Dysbiosis.

Suspension prepared from this drug completely cleanses the intestines of babies from the harmful microorganisms that cause these diseases and does not allow their negative symptoms to manifest themselves.

Preparation of Polysorb for diarrhea in a child

This medication can not be taken in dry form. It is always taken in the form of a suspension, that is, the powder is mixed with water. The amount of it for the preparation of effective solution for children's diarrhea solution depends on the weight of the baby's body. Overdosage with the use of this drug is not noted, which removes any fears when preparing the solution. How can I calculate the daily dose of Polysorb needed to treat diarrhea in children? Here everything is simple, you just need to follow the following recommendations:

  • With a patient weighing up to 10 kg, 30-50 ml of water and 0.5-1.5 teaspoons of powder per day are necessary;
  • If the weight of the crumb is from 11 to 20 kg, then for 1 reception use a teaspoon "without a slide" of the drug, diluted in 50 ml of liquid;
  • In case the child's weight fluctuates within 21-30 kg, to stop diarrhea, take 1 teaspoon "with a slide" Polisorba and 70 ml of water.

The slurry thus prepared is most effective. The duration of therapeutic measures with this drug is calculated by a specialist, but in the easiest cases of diarrhea, when a doctor is not required, a 5-day treatment with the drug is sufficient.

Often parents ask about how to properly apply Polysorb in case of diarrhea in crumbs. Here, too, there is nothing complicated. Picking up the powder from the jar in a measuring spoon with care, so as not to form a dust cloud from it. To prepare "for future use" the suspension is not worth it, as it quickly loses its medicinal qualities. Polysorb is accepted for diarrhea in children always one hour before a meal or taking other medicines with a baby, as its sorbing properties do not allow the beneficial substances to be absorbed efficiently into the blood. Begin to give the baby this suspension should be at the first manifestations of diarrhea.

I would like to answer questions from my parents about the contraindications that this drug has. Polisorba has quite a few of them. The main thing is that it is categorically contraindicated to kids who have not reached the age of one. Also, with great care and only after consulting a specialist, the suspension is given to crumbs with diarrhea associated with disorders of the gastrointestinal mucosa, internal bleeding in the digestive organs, intestinal obstruction or inflammatory processes in the large or small intestine.

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