Can I drink Spazmalgon with alcohol: compatibility, possible consequences

The presence of a pain syndrome is always a signal that something is wrong. Sometimes the cause lies in the existing disease, and at times the occurrence of severe pain is associated with spasm of muscle fibers. In the latter case, it is enough to take a spasmolytic pill to regain good health. A good inexpensive tool to relieve pain is Spasmalgon.

Description of the drug Spazmalgon

Spazmalgon is a combination of several active substances - analgesic, relieving pain, and spasmolytic, which prevents spasm of the musculature. In addition to these effects, it has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect on the body. A successful combination of the main components of the drug - metamizole sodium, pitofenone hydrochloride and fenpiverinium bromide - multiplies the effect of each of them on the human body.

Given the fact that the drug is relatively cheap, sold without a prescription and has, in addition to injection, tablet form, it's easy to guess what popularity Spazmalgon has gained among different strata of the population.

Taking antispasmodic is recommended for various conditions:

  • of headache and migraine;
  • toothache;
  • spasms in the stomach and intestines, accompanied by pain syndrome;
  • renal colic;
  • postoperative conditions;
  • pain during menstruation;
  • spasms, neuralgia and myalgia;
  • articular pain, etc.

If the pain is such that it is almost impossible to tolerate it, then it is better to choose to administer the medicine intramuscularly or intravenously.

Like any drug, Spasmalgon has a number of limitations and side effects, among which is the inadmissibility of concurrent use of the drug with other drugs and, in particular, with alcoholic beverages.
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Alcohol compatibility and consequences of application of

If we study in detail the instructions for Spazmalgon, we will see that simultaneous taking of anesthetic and alcoholic beverage is extremely unacceptable. Such compatibility is fraught with acute alcohol poisoning. Skeptics may object that they took a thousand times different antispasmodics, drinking them with strong alcohol, and are still alive and well. But let's not forget that the state of the internal organs of any person can not be estimated "by eye" and what does not affect one person can easily cripple another. So can I drink medicine with alcohol?

The combination is impossible because the following consequences may occur:


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  1. The strongest allergic reaction. Alcohol always strengthens the body's allergic response, and if you consider that the side effects of the drug may be urticaria, various swelling and anaphylactic shock, it is possible that after using a glass of wine, you will have to call a team of doctors to provide emergency care.
  2. Alcohol in combination with an analgesic can give a picture of a sharp rise in blood pressure and associated tachycardia. Again, instead of the desired relaxing evening, you will have to spend time with the rescue service.
  3. Drinking alcoholic beverages together with analgesics often weakens the effect of the latter and to achieve a therapeutic effect a person has to increase the dosage of the drug. This behavior is fraught with serious poisoning with medicines.
  4. Well, already mentioned above acute alcohol poisoning will not bring any joy to the patient. Nausea, dizziness, vomiting, impaired coordination of movement - this is far from a complete list of symptoms that arise against the background of a joint intake of alcoholic beverages and antispasmodics.

Rules for combining

However, a person can not always predict how the body behaves in this or that situation. There are times when, at the height of a gay party, after using a certain amount of alcohol, the pain syndrome suddenly develops. The head may suddenly ache or renal colic begin, there is such a strong spasm somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract that a person can barely keep on his feet. What to do? To endure such a pain is sometimes unbearable, and alcohol already with might and main walks in blood. The only way out is to wait at least two hours. In no case should you allow the alcoholic beverage and Spasmalgon to be together in the stomach, this can lead to unpleasant and not quite expected effects. It is advisable to take another drug or call a team of doctors, only in advance should warn them about the preliminary use of alcohol.

In cases of course treatment Spasmalgone from the next dose should be discarded no less than 12 hours before the intended use of a strong drink. In this case, the risk from the mutual action of these incompatible substances can be minimized.


Given the toxic effect of alcohol in combination with painkillers, it is better not to take risks and prefer other ways of entertainment than parties with compulsory drinking. Well and what is better - to drink alcohol, wincing thus from intolerable pain owing to refusal from reception Spazmalgona, or to remove or take off painful sensations, having remained thus in quiet house conditions - to solve to you.

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