Causes of external and internal corner pain

1 Symptom

The nature and strength of pain in the corner of the eye may vary. The degree of symptom severity depends on the specificity of the migraine and the individual characteristics of the organism. Pain may appear in the outer corner of the eye cavity and be accompanied by pressure in the temples. Unpleasant sensations often arise and closer to the forehead. In such cases, pain syndrome is accompanied by tingling in the eyes and pulsation in the temporal region.

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The corner of the eye can ache for many reasons. The most common of these specialists are called migraine attacks. With them, the pain appears in the forehead and outer corner of the eye. Elevated blood pressure also often causes pain. In this case, the operation of the vessels of the fundus of the eye and the brain is disrupted, resulting in unpleasant sensations.

The eye also hurts during psychological overstrain, accompanied by unreasonable anxiety. The duration of a migraine attack in this situation can not be predicted, and the symptoms can manifest even after the cause of the problem is eliminated.

In addition, pain in the corner of the eye can occur due to the formation of tumors or local hemorrhages. The inner corner of the eye can hurt with the development of aneurysms of blood vessels. In this case, the pain is of a pulsating nature and is particularly pronounced in sudden movements. With encephalitis and meningitis, patients also often complain of discomfort. In this case, the pain appears not only in the eye sockets, but also in the neck.

These manifestations arise in a variety of combinations and are accompanied by atypical signs. The nature of pain and its localization depend on the individual characteristics of the person and the course of the illness. But the symptoms of these dangerous diseases are a person who is not a specialist, can easily be confused with migraine attacks. Therefore at the first occurrence of alarm signals it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a survey.

Pressing or painful sensations in the corner of the eye are often accompanied by a headache. Most often it is felt in the temples, but the localization during an attack can change. Sometimes the symptoms of migraine type appear immediately in several parts of the head.

Features of the attack depend on the causes of migraine. In addition, pressure on the eyes and headache may be accompanied by additional symptoms. They differ from the rest of the characters in a less striking character. To such accompanying sensations carry:

  • pulsation;
  • sensation of goosebumps;
  • squeezing in the head area;
  • wandering pain.

At the consultation the doctor needs to tell about these additional unpleasant sensations. Despite the fact that they are considered concomitant symptoms, these manifestations are extremely important and can help a specialist to diagnose and understand for what reason the eye hurts.

2 Treatment of

Methods of treating pain in the corner of the eye depend on the causes of its occurrence. However, there are general methods that are applicable in any situation.

If migraine and the accompanying feeling of pressure in the eye area are caused by overwork, then simple rest will help. In such cases, discomfort should disappear after a walk in the fresh air, full sleep and transition to a balanced diet.

If the migraine is chronic, therapists prescribe medication. The action of drugs in this case is aimed at combating the primary source of the problem. People suffering from frequent bouts of pain should remember that uncontrolled taking painkillers is unacceptable, as they themselves can become a source of complications.

As an auxiliary method of treatment you can use folk recipes, phytotherapy. They will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms without harm to health. In addition, these methods are a good prevention of headache.


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When choosing a method of treatment, it is important to consider:

  • the state of health of the patient;
  • age category of the patient;
  • availability of allergies, individual intolerance to medications.

Only a doctor can appoint competent therapy. Remember: headaches can not be tolerated in any case. Since their ignoring leads to complications, any attack must be stopped.

3 Preventive measures

With one-off attacks of migraine and the appearance of pain in the corner of the eye, attention should be paid to prevention. This will help to avoid recurrence of seizures.

In the prevention of migraines, exercise is important, regular walks in the fresh air, the rejection of bad habits and heavy food.

If the causes of migraine are of a psychological nature, and stress can not be avoided, then soothing drugs will help. Experts recommend taking valerian root extract and motherwort or other phytotherapeutic agents and herbal preparations.

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