Left-sided colitis of the intestine is chronic - symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the intestinal mucosa leads to significant disturbances in the digestive system. This disease affects men from 40 years of age and women from the age of 20. But not all patients receive timely treatment. Experts believe that the manifestations of left-sided colitis occur in more than half of people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Left-sided colitis is accompanied by inflammatory processes of the rectum, which, in turn, spread upward to the splenic flexure of the colon. This leads to the formation of proctosigmoiditis and false diarrhea, accompanied by bloody discharge. These symptoms clearly indicate abnormal functions of the colon, the treatment of which is a primary task. In addition, the forms of colitis can flow into others, and the left-sided can develop from a peptic ulcer.

To prevent the transition of left-sided colitis to a chronic condition, you need to eat food that contains plant-based fiber. This product promotes more complete bowel movement.

Causes of left-sided colitis of the intestine

Left-sided colitis can appear due to a variety of factors. So, this disease can be transmitted by inheritance, due to the genetic predisposition of the body. Treatment with antibiotics and other medicines can cause the development of the disease, because when interacting with gastric bacteria, the balance of the latter can be disturbed, which leads to irritation of the large intestine and development of symptoms with

.Thus, left-sided colitis of the intestine can become a chronic disease.

The most common sources of the disease are viruses, fungi. Low-quality food also causes poisoning of the body, which develop inflammation, requiring urgent treatment.

The process of treating left-sided colitis can not be started without specifying the exact cause of the disease. It is necessary to establish reliably whether it is contagious or chronic, which in the future will affect the measures taken.

Many factors affect the development of left-sided colitis, including:

  • disorder in the body's immune system;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • permanent constipation;
  • frequent stress;
  • inadequate amount of plant food in the diet;
  • previously occurred diseases of the stomach or colon;
  • poor nutrition;
  • frequent intake of spicy food, which is the main irritant of the walls of the colon;
  • emotional stress along with the physical condition are also the causes of diseases of the colon.

Symptoms of left-sided colitis

The main symptom of this disease is that patients have difficulties in defecation, accompanied by severe contractions in the abdomen. Another manifestation is an excessively frequent, approximately 15 times during the day, a chair with which blood is excreted. Abdominal pain predominates in the left side. Also, with left-sided colitis, constipation can occur, leading to painful sensations. With the help of palpation, it is possible to determine the compaction in the colon, which arise as a result of incomplete emptying and accumulated stool. If the bowel is very tense, the patient will experience severe pain in this area.

There is frequent rumbling in the abdomen and bloating due to malnutrition. If you do not take this symptom seriously, then left-sided colitis turns into a more complex stage.

Lack of appetite complicates the task of normalizing the process of nutrition, and all these factors lead to a general weakening of the body and a feeling of malaise. The temperature of the patient can significantly increase or have an abrupt curve, which indicates the development of infectious diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of left-sided colitis

For the diagnosis of the disease, it is required to conduct a general blood test to identify helminth eggs. For a more accurate analysis of colon status, colonoscopy is performed. This procedure will help to investigate the entire length of the large intestine and conduct a histological examination of the tissue sample. Further treatment will be based on the results obtained.

Elimination of the main symptoms and treatment of left-sided colitis requires a qualified approach. In accordance with the peculiarities of each patient's body, it is necessary to select antibiotics that will not harm the health. If the patient suffers from constipation, then, first of all, it is necessary to remove all toxins from the body, which accumulated during the intoxication with the calves. To do this, use activated carbon. In the opposite case, with diarrhea, take Loperamide or any other drug that has an astringent and fixing action.

In time, organized treatment will help to maintain the health of your body and relieve serious complications caused by the development of left-sided colitis.

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