Natural births with hemorrhoids and its treatment, is it possible to give birth, how to treat hemorrhoidal nodes, how to avoid( prevent)?

Hemorrhoids are a common pathology that occurs as a result of a violation of the outflow of venous blood from the hemorrhoids located in the rectal mucosa. The cause of loss of nodes can be any of the listed conditions: constipation, improper nutrition and increased pressure in the abdominal wall. It is the latter reason that becomes the basis for the development of hemorrhoids during childbirth. This is the main mechanism of the disease in the second half of the gestational period( after 20 weeks).

The tendency to constipation during pregnancy becomes a predisposing factor to the stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoidal plexuses, but they can not directly fall out. In the course of childbirth, naturally, during attempts, the pressure in the abdominal cavity rises many times, which is the main factor in the loss of varicose veins.

Subjective symptoms, which indicate that hemorrhoids have come out during labor, are absent! About falling out of plexuses the doctor who accepts labors can tell or say. The first clinical signs begin to appear after childbirth, after 4-6 hours. The main symptoms are:

  • Foreign body sensation in the anus;
  • A pregnant woman herself can grope a tight formation in the anus;
  • Itching in the perineum caused by swelling of inflammatory exudate;
  • False urge to act as a stool;
  • Bloody discharge from the anus. It is worth noting that after giving birth alone to a woman it is difficult to determine the source of bleeding, tk.within the next few days, blood is released from the vagina;
  • When viewed in the region of the anus, round formations of various sizes are found in dark blue color( with external hemorrhoids, with internal hemorrhoids, they are not visible);
  • Painful sensations during rectal digital examination;
  • A doctor during rectal examination palpates dense formations in the rectum( with internal hemorrhoids).

What kinds of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a common pathology that affects women, especially those who are in an interesting position. If the pathology began to develop even before the onset of pregnancy, its progression is inevitable. Before women there is a natural question, whether it is possible to give birth or travail most at a hemorrhoids or the caesarean section is necessary?

Hemorrhoids of any severity are not a direct contraindication for natural childbirth. You can give birth with a hemorrhoids that you can get out of, and even necessary. Physicians of all countries for many years argue that natural childbirth is most beneficial for a baby, and for a mother than for a cesarean.

  • First, the child has time to prepare for the transition from the aquatic environment to the air. Thanks to this preparation, the baby experiences less stress and adapts more easily to the new conditions after childbirth.
  • Secondly, there is no need to open the abdominal cavity of a woman. Operative delivery - a hollow operation with outflow of amniotic fluid on internal organs. This fact leads not only to the appearance of an unaesthetic scar on the woman's stomach, but can also lead to the development of diffuse peritonitis or embolism of amniotic fluid, which often threatens the patient's life.
  • Third, the scar on the uterus requires a woman to comply with strict contraception within the next two years. The development of pregnancy with a failed scar can lead to rupture of the uterus and sad consequences.

Even if hemorrhoids have emerged, which has reached the 3 rd degree, the birth should also pass independently, in the absence of other contraindications. In order to reduce complications after birth to a minimum, it is worthwhile to carry out preventive maintenance, as well as treatment of the disease before and during pregnancy.

How to give birth after removal of hemorrhoids?

Many women ask the question: "Can I give birth after removing the knots?".The answer to this question depends on what surgical method was used to treat hemorrhoids, and also how long it took from the operation to the onset of labor. The opinions of surgeons on this account diverge. Some believe that it is possible to plan pregnancy one month after the treatment, others say that it is worth waiting at least a year.

If minimally invasive treatment of hemorrhoids was performed, the probability of its recurrence during childbirth is close to 100%, regardless of the duration of the operation( therefore such interventions are preferable if the woman no longer plans to give birth).Radical treatment of fallen plexuses( hemorrhoidectomy, sclerosing) excludes the risk of complications after childbirth, but from the moment of the operation it should be at least half a year.

Preventing the appearance of hemorrhoids during the birth of

Regardless of whether you got hemorrhoids during pregnancy or not, prevention and treatment should be done by all pregnant women. Simple rules that can be easily observed all nine months will help prevent serious complications after childbirth.

Basic prevention rules that will avoid hemorrhoids during labor:

  1. Proper nutrition. As a result of hormonal adjustment at the very beginning of pregnancy, there is a weakening of the intestinal peristalsis. This fact causes constipation. To help the gastrointestinal tract work with the prescribed strength, it is necessary to eat foods rich in coarse fiber and possessing a laxative effect. The list of such products can include: beets, plums, prunes, dried apricots, cabbage, celery, bran. You can also buy in the pharmacy fiber in packs and add to the dishes of the daily diet to taste. In addition, avoid unnecessary use of products that slow down peristalsis: meat, flour products, fast food, fatty fried foods and sweets;
  2. Development of the stool regimen. Normally a person empties the intestine once a day( the maximum permissible normal time is 2 days).With constipation, the absence of a chair can last one or two weeks. During the delay of feces in the intestine, the foods that had to leave the body begin to be absorbed into the blood back. This moment causes the strongest intoxication, affecting not only the woman, but also affects the future child. The main symptoms are: lethargy, poor health, nausea, dizziness. This condition can lead to abortion. To form a chair, it is necessary to work out a reflex, i.e. Empty the intestines daily at the same time, preferably in the morning. In order to adjust your body in the morning, you need to put a glass of water near the bed before you go to bed. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach, without getting out of bed, drink a glass of water, then climb and tipto to the toilet. Such a "ritual" affects the reflex zones, and causes a desire to go to the toilet in a big way.
  3. Physical activity. Moderate physical activity, which is shown to all pregnant women, will be an addition to the prevention of hemorrhoids before childbirth. Some women go to special fitness courses for pregnant women, where instructors show how to perform certain exercises. The contraction of the striated musculature, which is near the intestine( anterior wall of the abdomen), stimulates its activity.
  4. If a woman has hemorrhoids, then it needs to be treated in a timely manner. The most common and convenient method of treatment are rectal suppositories. A wide range of these medicines is represented in pharmacies, but before buying and using, you should get advice from a specialist, notifying him in advance about your pregnancy. Perhaps the use of ointment, the choice of which should also be exercised only after a conversation with a doctor. The application of ointments is possible both at the anus and by insertion into the interior of the rectum with the help of special nozzles, which are supplied in the kit.
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