Has burst hemorrhoids what to do at rupture of a hemorrhoidal site, signs, treatment, consequences, it is good or bad if it has broken?

Hemorrhoids are called dilated and inflamed veins that are in the rectal area. Formed characteristic formations, which bring a lot of discomfort to the sick person. This disease is common in people of middle age and older. This is a chronic ailment that usually develops slowly. But sometimes it happens that the disease progresses rapidly. Hemorrhoids can burst and cause profuse bleeding, this condition is dangerous, so you need to immediately visit a proctologist.

Hemorrhoids burst because the inflamed knot is heavily filled with blood, resulting in blood clots, enlarged veins do not withstand such stress and then a rupture occurs. This condition is usually accompanied by heavy bleeding. On the site of the burst node there is a wound, the danger of such a condition is that an infection can penetrate there.

When the hemorrhoidal node bursts, the blood clot that is usually formed comes out, but this does not always happen. In some cases, a part of the thrombus may remain inside, and then various inflammatory processes may occur that will be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. If a person has hemorrhoids burst and he has not been provided with the necessary specialist help, serious complications, such as tissue necrosis, can occur.

Can hemorrhoids burst?

We found out that this is possible, a similar complication of hemorrhoids usually occurs during an exacerbation of the disease. Consider the reasons that can cause a rupture of the hemorrhoidal node:

  • Dysfunction of the diet. If the patient has abused prohibited foods and drank a lot of alcohol, then hemorrhoids can burst and the consequences of such complications can be very serious.
  • Physical load. At risk are people who have to do hard work. For example, when lifting weights, the hemorrhoidal node can break.
  • Digestive problems. Frequent constipation can also cause such a complication.
  • Pregnancy. Many women face this unpleasant ailment during pregnancy. The fruit presses on the small pelvis and thereby promotes stagnation of blood.
  • Hypodinamy. Some people are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of which blood circulation is disrupted and eventually hemorrhoids can burst.

Many people who are sick are interested in the question, if the site burst, is it bad or good? With such a complication, a person can feel relief, because the knot has burst and tension has decreased, blood and pus have leaked out. However, the situation is aggravated by severe bleeding, which must be stopped, and for this it is better to consult a specialist.

What if I have hemorrhoids?

What can I do if there is a rupture of the hemorrhoids? If there is no way to get to the hospital, you can try to stop the bleeding yourself. First you need something cold to attach to a sore spot, also can help cold baths. You need to sit in them for 3 minutes, this procedure can be done several times a day.

If the hemorrhoids burst, you can make a decoction of the following plants: sage, chamomile, oak bark and calendula for the bath. These decoctions can also be used for washing. They will help to remove inflammation and reduce pain syndrome.

Treatment of a burst node can be performed with the help of such ointments as Levomekol, Troxevasin, and also effective Vishnevsky ointment. They will help to avoid infection. If the blood does not stop for a long time, then you can use suppositories, which contain adrenaline. When there is unbearable pain, you can reduce this symptom with drugs such as Analgin, Nurofen and Diclofenac.

In some cases, after a rupture of the hemorrhoidal node, pus may appear. Such a symptom should alert the patient, because it can indicate the presence of serious complications, for example, infection. In this case, do not postpone the visit to the doctor, because you need antibiotics that will help cope with the pathogenic microflora.

What should I do if a sore knot breaks through? Bleeding can talk about the presence of many diseases. To clarify the diagnosis, a thorough diagnosis is needed. With large blood loss, anemia can begin, and chances are high that pathogenic microorganisms will fall into the bursting cones and then various complications may arise. During treatment it is necessary to avoid the factors that provoke the aggravation of the disease, it is important to follow a diet, to abstain from alcohol and to comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor.

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