Washing of the ear with hydrogen peroxide: treatment of otitis, removal of sulfur plugs

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the strongest septic tanks. When exposed to a damaged area of ​​the skin or mucous membranes, active oxygen is released. It helps to carry out a mechanical cleansing. The action is directed to the effect of some organic substances contained in pus or blood.

Peroxide is available in various forms. Strongly concentrated formulations are not used in medicine. Pharmacies are represented by 3 and 6% solutions. The first variant is often used. To clean his ears it will be enough.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Despite the relatively low cost, the drug is able to get rid of many difficulties with the ears. Due to the small concentration with the help of the drug, you do not damage the inner shell of the shell, the tympanic membrane.


There are a lot of indications to the procedure. Peroxide will cope with small and massive sulfur plugs, will clean the ear cavity of dirt. You can simply disinfect the ear canal.

This remedy is used in the treatment of:

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  • hearing loss,
  • of some forms of otitis,
  • injuries,
  • chronic forms of ear diseases,
  • wounds and scratches,
  • otomycosis.

With otitis

Due to its disinfecting properties, hydrogen peroxide is used to treat otitis media. Hydrogen peroxide disinfects cracks and foci of inflammation, preventing the appearance of purulent reactions.

Use should be warm solution. To do this, you need to hold it in your hands for a few minutes or use warm water for breeding.

2-3 drops are dripping with a pipette. Massage your ear, and after 10 minutes, tilt your head so that excess fluid flows out. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days.

How to use hydrogen peroxide with otite, see in our video:

With sulfur plug

When removing the sulfur plug, it is necessary to fill the composition carefully, so as not to push the plug even further. Take a syringe without a needle or a pipette. Dial a little peroxide.10 drops are enough. Keep your head in the same position so that the substance can reach the desired place. If there was a hiss, then the sulfur plug became softened.

After 10 minutes, the head can be returned to its normal position. Do it better on the sink, as it starts to drain out of the ear solution with particles of sulfur plug. After drying, the outer ear with a napkin or a cotton pad. Repeat the procedure.

There is another way of washing. Peroxide is diluted with water. It will take an average of 4-5 ml of the solution. Then poured into the ear. After 2-3 minutes release the passage from the liquid. The procedure is duplicated 4 times per wash.

Removing the sulfur plug in the ear with hydrogen peroxide

Other variants of

If a foreign object has been removed from the ear or there are micro-trauma, then it can be done in the same way as with otitis. The outer part with abrasions is treated with undiluted hydrogen peroxide. It is possible to apply a piece of cotton wool processed in the tool. If you suddenly have a noise in your ears or pain, then before the procedure, show your doctor.

How to Bury in the Ear

As noted, before using hydrogen peroxide, it is worth a bit of warming up. Optimum if its temperature is 37 degrees. It is enough to put a bottle for a few minutes in a glass with warm water or hold it in your hands.

After treatment, the ear should not be washed with water. Allow it to flow out simply by tilting the head 10 minutes after treatment. Specialists give the following recommendations:

  1. The softened secret has more chances for a successful exit outward, if you massage your ear or perform chewing movements. They move the substance closer to the exit.
  2. Do not attempt to remove all sulfur. It should be developed, as it protects the auditory passages from infections and attacks of pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. If you dilute the solution, then boiled or purified water is used.
  4. Sometimes, after handling the ear with hydrogen peroxide, the symptoms do not go away. This is an occasion to contact a specialist for help.

How to Bury Hydrogen Peroxide in the Ear

Can Children?

Babies over one year after consultation with an otolaryngologist can be buried in the ear. The remedy is hypoallergenic, but in children under one year this means is better not to use to avoid the risk of irritation or deeper penetration of the infection. The latter is possible because of the specific structure of the baby's ear.

Feedback on the treatment of

Some doctors say that it is often not necessary to use a remedy. Especially in relation to children. This can cause thinning of the membrane and its thickening due to connective tissue.

Users say that this is one of the most innocuous and effective methods. Hearing loss is caused by a large accumulation of sulfur, discomfort disappears. To achieve the optimal result, you have to dig in a few times a day.

Reviews of doctors on the treatment of hydrogen peroxide:


Despite the absence of side effects, hydrogen peroxide has contraindications. These include:

  • hyperthyroidism,
  • dermatitis,
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane,
  • hypersensitivity, which can trigger a burn,
  • complicated otitis media.

In case of serious illnesses, the decision to wash the ear with peroxide can only be taken by a doctor, focusing on the clinical picture of the disease.

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