Exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky for the treatment of hemorrhoids

With varicose veins of the rectal region, it is possible to develop inflammatory processes and prolapse of hemorrhoids. If untimely measures are taken, such a disease causes great suffering and significantly worsens the quality of life. Especially unpleasant is the fact that the disease is rapidly growing younger and captures a large number of young people. With the help of Dr. Bubnovsky from hemorrhoids, you can get rid quickly and efficiently by a specially developed innovative technique.

To choose a method to combat this disease you need to understand its nature. And it consists of a sedentary lifestyle, excessive loads and malnutrition. If you adjust the diet and diet, the main thing in the treatment of hemorrhoids is gymnastics, which normalizes the outflow of blood from the rectum. It is for this purpose that special simulators have been developed, on which Bubnovsky's exercises with hemorrhoids are carried out.

Treatment of hemorrhoids according to Bubnovsky

The uniqueness of Bubnovsky's method lies in the fact that the internal resources of the body are involved, and there is no need for the use of medications or an operation to remove hemorrhoids. Multifunctional trainers Bubnovsky from hemorrhoids, based on the principles of antigravitation and decompression, exclude overexertion and the possibility of injury. On MTB, which was developed personally by Professor Bubnovsky, relieve pain syndrome, intestinal spasms and normalize the work of muscles, increasing their tone, while improving the mobility of joints.

Bubnovsky simulators relieve intra-abdominal pressure with hemorrhoids, make the setting of diaphragmatic breathing. In the center of Dr. Bubnovsky, treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out according to an individual program after a thorough examination of the patient. Classes in the Bubnovsky system involve the use of as much fluid as possible. In addition to therapy and correction of hemorrhoids, Bubnovsky developed a technique for getting rid of osteochondrosis, hernia and other diseases of the spine.

The approximate gymnastic complex for hemorrhoids that can be performed at home includes the following exercises:

  1. Relaxation of all muscles, which is achieved when standing on all fours.
  2. Back bending, carried out smoothly and without tension. When you bend your back up, you exhale, and when you bend your back down, you inhale.
  3. Swaying on all fours with a straight back, sending the trunk as far forward as possible.
  4. Sprain of the back muscles is performed on all fours with arms bent in the elbows. On inhalation, the body slowly descends to the floor, and on exhalation it is necessary to touch the heels of the buttocks.
  5. Strengthening of the press is done lying on the back, with bent legs and hands behind the head. Then knee to reach to the elbows, with the chin pressed to the chest.
  6. Exercise on the buttocks, performed in the supine position on the back with arms stretched along the trunk. On exhalation the buttocks rise high, and this action is carried out at least 25 times.
  7. "Swallow" is performed lying on the abdomen with a slow raising of hands and feet on the inspiration and exhaling when they are lowered.
  8. Traction by hand, carried out with the help of elastic bandage, standing on its middle and stretching the ends with your hands as high as possible with a straight back.
  9. The exercise of the foot, performed a hundred times, which is done on the step, dangling the heels down and rhythmically rising and sinking to the socks.

There are more than 20 basic exercises against hemorrhoids in the Bubnovsky system, of which an individual training program is being formed.

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