Can yogurt with diarrhea be treated?

The appearance of a diarrhea in a person provides a complete review of the diet, from which most products are expelled. Among them, not the last place is occupied by dairy. An exception in their series is yoghurt. With diarrhea, all specialists recommend its use. Only we should not forget that in case of stomach upset, it is recommended to eat only the product that contains live cultures that restore the balance of microflora in the intestine. In addition, yogurt contains a large amount of protein, so diet can be eaten with it for several days while diarrhea continues. Most experts recommend the use of this sour-milk product not less than a day or two after the termination of the main symptomatology of diarrhea.

However, it should not be forgotten that any good intentions, predicted by observance of this diet, can lead to certain mistakes. The main one is the acquisition of non-live yogurt, and its analogue, which does not contain living bifido- and lactobacilli in its composition and is useless for this reason during the treatment of diarrhea. You can find out this when buying this product by shelf life, as well as contained in the fruit components. The most useful for diarrhea is the one with a shelf life of 3-5 days, and also contains only a banana and there are no sweeteners.

Often patients are interested in whether it is possible to prepare yogurt for diarrhea on their own, and not to buy in a store. Specialists use the product prepared at home, the product is recommended, as it is guaranteed not to contain any dyes and flavors. Especially independent production of it is good in the case when diarrhea develops in children. Usually, nutritionists advise to apply such a yogurt recipe for diarrhea, which combines the taste qualities of sour-milk products with the properties of medicines necessary for the treatment of bowel dysfunction:

  • In milk having a temperature of 40-42 degrees, you should enter a lactic acid starter, purchased at a pharmacy or live yogurtwith a shelf life of not more than 3 days, bought in the store;
  • After this composition is placed in a warm place for 8-12 hours and has a consistency of thick sour cream, small pieces of banana can be added to it.

This is the way that yogurt has a characteristic smell and taste, and it has the greatest help with diarrhea, as it helps restore intestinal microflora. The process of preparing it is quite simple and can be done by any person.

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