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Bepanten is unique in its performance and ease of use in the treatment of many skin diseases accompanied by damage to the epidermis, the development of diaper rash and long healing wounds. The composition of the product allows it to be used on any part of the body without negative health consequences: the minimum number of contraindications and a wide range of applications ensures a constant demand for this product. And today we will tell you more about instructions for use and prices for Bepanten, reviews about it and cheap analogs of the drug.

Features of the drug

Designed for external use, Bepanten has proven itself in the treatment of both adults and very young children. The availability of the cost ensured the finding of the drug in the first terms according to the level of demand, while the provitamin B5, freely adsorbed by epidermal cells, quickly turns into pantothenic acid, which is necessary for the skin, which has a beneficial effect on its condition.

The composition of Bepanten

Today there are a number of varieties of this preparation on sale, each of which differs somewhat in composition. The active substance in them is dexpanthenol.

Species of Bepantene:

  • ointment - in 1 g of ointment contains 50 mg of active substance;
  • cream - in 1 g of cream contains also 50 mg of dexapanthenol;
  • lotion - 1 g lotion contains 25 mg of active ingredient.

Each formulation contains auxiliary substances in various concentrations( sheep fat, lanolin, white beeswax, cetyl alcohol, stearin alcohol, protegin X, distilled water, almond oil, mild and liquid paraffin).

Dosage forms

The pharmacies offer three listed varieties of Bepanten in the following types:

  • Bepantene ointment 5% has a white or white and yellow color, homogeneous, homogeneous. It is a soft mass, sold in the form of tubes with a mass of 30 g;
  • Bepanthen cream 5% , packaged in tubes 30 g;
  • Bepanten Lotion 2.5% , sold in the form of 200 ml vials.

Depending on the type of drug being sold, as well as on the pharmacy of the city and the size of the trade allowance, the cost of the drug also varies. The 30 gram ointment costs 280 to 350 rubles, Bepanten cream has a price of 320-410 rubles, and lotion is offered at a price of 285-380 rubles per bottle. Acquiring a drug in a pharmacy, the possibility of buying a poor-quality product is excluded.

Pharmacological action

Since the active substance of the drug should be considered dexpanthenol, or provitamin B5, its action is aimed at restoring the epidermis and improving the skin condition. Nourishing and moisturizing it, the drug actively fights even with the smallest damages, promotes more active healing of cracks. Upon ingress of epidermal cells, provitamin B5 transformation, as a result of which dexpanthenol passes into pantothenic acid.


  • The rapid absorption of the active substance( dexpanthenol) by the skin cells provides the effect of the drug's speed, because it is the regeneration of the epidermal damage caused by pantoneic acid, which is part of coenzyme A, that makes Bepanten the most effective means of skin care.
  • Mucous membranes also recover faster when exposed to pentothenic acid-transformed dexpanthenol.
  • There is also a normalization of the process of cell metabolism, activation of mitosis, hardening of collagen fibers.

The most striking effects of the drug on the skin include:

  • moisturizing it;
  • regeneration;
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

The binding of pantothenic acid to plasma proteins( albumin and B-globulin) upon ingestion into the blood takes place quickly, which also makes it possible to provide the fastest possible manifestation of the drug's effectiveness.


  • With the help of pantothenic acid formed during the transformation of the active substance, it is replenished in the body.
  • The removal of degradation products is quick and does not cause harm to the body - with feces and urine.

Next, you will find indications for the use of Bepantin.


Due to the lack of principled contraindications and side effects, Bepanten can be used to treat both adults and very young children.

For children

  • As an effective healing and restorative action for newborns, the drug is used in cases of diaper rash, during regular care.
  • Bepanten has proven itself as a medicinal preparation for diaper dermatitis, in complex therapy during the treatment of infants.

For adults

  • Women apply ointment, cream and lotion of the drug for breast care during breastfeeding, treat the nipples to prevent their cracking and the occurrence of micro-injuries.
  • It is well suited for treating the skin with irritations and inflammations on it, after prolonged exposure to the sun, the effects of chemicals. Also, the drug shows good results in the treatment of burns of varying severity.
  • Bepanten in various forms is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids - cracks in the anus are healing well after several days of ointment treatment, and in healing therapy after the transplantation of individual skin areas, the healing of the joints is more likely.
  • In the presence of inflammation on the face, acne and dry skin, the doctor-cosmetologist can prescribe the use of Bepanten ointment instead of the usual day cream.

Next, we will give instructions for the use of baby belts for children and adults.

Instruction for use

For the most rapid manifestation of the curative effect, the product should be applied to the surface of the skin, previously cleaned. This ensures the rapid penetration of the active substance into the upper layer of the epidermis of the skin, where it is activated and transformed.

Depending on the purpose of the instructions for the use of the drug may be slightly different.

Newborn care

  • When treating the skin of newborns for preventive purposes, the ointment is applied evenly to the surface of the cleansed skin. Usually, such care is carried out with the diaper or diaper being replaced, and after the water procedures are performed.
  • In the presence of diaper rash and skin damage, an ointment is applied to these areas and the skin is left in the air for better absorption of the drug. Apply the product better several times a day.

Treatment of microtraumas and cracks

  • Restoration of the epidermis in the presence of cracks in the anus and lesions of the mucous membranes of the cervix is ​​applied to the affected area three to four times a day. Candles with this substance that provide better penetration of the active substance and increase the strength of its effect can be used.
  • Breastfeeding nipples are processed after each feeding. Beforehand they are washed and dried. Before the next feeding, the nipples should be washed.

To determine the type of Bepantin, you can consult a doctor, and you can decide for yourself what form;ointment, lotion or cream is suitable in every case best.

On the use of Bepanten for cosmetic purposes, this video will be described:


The only contraindication to the use of any kind of this drug should be considered an individual intolerance to the active substance.

Side effects of

When using Bepanten, adverse events are noted slightly. The most common are skin rashes, itching, hives.

Special instructions

  • Topical application of the drug is not likely to cause an overdose.
  • There was no case of interaction between Bepantin and other drugs.


Thanks to the feedback of buyers, you can make a more objective view of the degree of effectiveness of the drug.

  • So, Svetlana Alekseyeva Timofeeva, a resident of the city of Moscow, speaks about the manifestation of a quick action with burns: "After a car accident, she was hospitalized with multiple burns. The doctor was appointed Bepanten in the form of an ointment, which was applied to the burn site several times a day. After three weeks of regular use, the skin acquired a more healthy appearance, the recovery went more intensively. I'm very pleased with the drug, it helped to bring my body more attractive. "
  • Svetlana, mother of two children: "The use of Bepanten cream allowed to restore the healthy appearance of the skin as quickly as possible with numerous cracks in the nipples. Feeding the twins led to the appearance of very painful wounds on the skin of the nipples, and each feeding brought a lot of anguish. Using the drug three times a day, quickly felt the improvement: soreness has passed, the cracks began to heal. "
  • Alexander Iosifovich, a pensioner, also has a positive response about the action of Bepantin: "I used Bepanten lotion when a youthful acne occurs in the grandson. Excellent disinfects the skin, eliminates inflammation. Quickly absorbed, the lotion leaves no residue on clothes, it should be noted high efficiency after a short application: just a week after the start of the use of lotion, the skin acquired a healthier shade, the pimples disappeared. "

For analogs of baby belts for children and adults, read below.

Analogues of the preparation

Among the medicines that have a similar effect to Bepanten, the following should be distinguished:

  • Pantestin-Darnitsa;
  • Dexpanthenol;
  • Methyl Uracil;
  • Contractbooth;
  • D-Panthenol;
  • Pantoderm.

On how to use and how to replace Bepanten when lubricating a tattoo, this video will tell:

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