Is it possible to drink Traneksam with alcohol: compatibility, consequences, reviews

During treatment with any drugs to consume alcohol doctors categorically do not recommend. A similar requirement applies to Tranexam, a fibrinolytic inhibitor used with a haemostatic purpose.

Tranexam and alcohol

The drug Traneksam is endowed with a mass of therapeutic effects like anti-allergic, gemostatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and antitumor. The medication is prepared in the form of a solution for intravenous injection and in the form of tablets.

Use the drug in the therapy of toxic rashes, allergic dermatitis, urticaria and other similar rashes.

In general, Tranexam has such therapeutic effects:

  • Antiallergic;
  • Stop bleeding, provoked by platelet pathologies or menorrhagia;
  • Blocks the activity of plasminogen( chromosomal proenzyme) and the dissolution of fibrins( high molecular weight proteins);
  • Suppresses the formation of bioactive substances that provoke the development of inflammatory processes or hypersensitive allergic reactions;
  • Anti-infective and anti-inflammatory;
  • Antitumor activity.

Due to this broad spectrum of action, the drug is widely used in the therapy of a variety of pathologies:

  • Bleeding of a variety of etiologies, for example, postoperative or surgical intervention, postpartum or during pregnancy, after tooth extraction and prostatectomy, GIT and uterine blood loss, hematuria or leukemia andetc.;
  • Injections are indicated for surgery on the urinary bladder tissues, as well as for surgical treatment for sepsis, gestosis, peritonitis, polymentological shock, pancreatic necrosis, etc.;
  • Tranexam tablets are prescribed for allergic reactions, angioedema, hereditary edema and inflammatory pathologies of the mouth and pharynx such as stomatitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, etc.

Compatibility of

The interaction of alcohol with Tranexam is categorically unacceptable and even dangerous. Alcohol has a blood-thinning effect, and the action of the drug is aimed at preventing bleeding. This means that these substances have exactly the opposite effect. Therefore, you should not take alcohol during treatment with the drug Traneksam.

In addition to alcohol, you can not combine the drug with pathologies like:

  1. Heart attack;
  2. Thromboembolism syndrome;
  3. Thrombosis of cerebral vessels;
  4. Pronounced renal pathology;
  5. Thrombophlebitis of deeply located veins;
  6. Violations of color perception.

It is inadmissible to take the drug in case of intolerance or hypersensitivity to its components, with hemorrhages of the subarachnoid type.

Possible effects of

The effects of the combination of the drug with hot drinks are unpredictable. When alcohol is absorbed into the blood, it dilutes it, so the effectiveness of Tranexam therapy is reduced to zero. Therefore, bleeding will be as intense during intoxication, even if you take a similar medicine. The abundant blood loss is dangerous for a person and can provoke a collapse.


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When ethanol metabolites are removed from the body, the red blood cells stick together, the result is the opposite effect, similar to the action of the drug - the blood thickens. Therefore, with the introduction of Tranexam, severe and irreversible consequences may occur. In addition, the combination of alcohol with the drug is unacceptable because their metabolites are derived from the body's systems through the kidneys, which repeatedly increases the burden on the urinary system. Given that the drug is used to stop bleeding, the body is weakened by blood loss, so the urinary system works with impairments and can not fully cope with the scope of tasks assigned to it.

There is also a reaction from the internal organs, so when a combination of alcohol with Tranexam in patients there are manifestations like a sickness-vomiting reaction, sudden pressure surges, weakness and dizziness, which on the background of bleeding only aggravates the general condition of the patient. Therefore, joking with health is not worth it, it's better to refrain from combining alcohol with medication.

Rules for combining

Usually the drug is prescribed for 3-14 days, more specific periods of treatment are due to a variety of pathology. For the entire treatment period, it is necessary to exclude the use of alcohol categorically. After the end of the course of therapy, alcohol can be consumed about a day later, when the remnants of the drug are excreted from the body. Although ideally it is recommended to refrain from alcohol for another week after the end of therapy.

In addition to the above, combining with alcohol contributes to the increase in adverse reactions to the drug, which are manifested:

  • Anorexic symptoms and drowsiness;
  • Dizziness and weakness;
  • Nausea-vomiting syndrome and heartburn;
  • Diarrhea and chest pain;
  • Visual disturbances such as fuzziness and incorrect perception of colors;
  • Tachycardia and hypotension;
  • Hives and itching, skin rashes.

Such reactions are by no means harmless, which once again proves the incompatibility of alcohol with Tranexam.


Doctors unanimously believe that during the period of treatment you need to forget about entertainment with drinking alcohol, because doctors know for sure how much the reaction of hemostatic drugs to alcohol can be unpredictable. That is why the opinion of doctors categorically - you can not drink alcohol during the treatment with Tranexam.

So, can you drink it?

So, we will sum up. Drug use is strictly excluded during treatment with the drug Traneks. The slightest indulgences and violations of the ban are fraught with irreversible consequences for health, and sometimes the life of the patient. Therefore, it is better to resist and not to go for a minute's weakness than to risk your health.

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