Candles Anestezol from hemorrhoids( with anesthesin, with anesthetic), instructions for treatment

Most patients suffering from a disease such as hemorrhoids use rectal suppositories with anesthesia as a medicinal and antisymptomatic drug. The choice of these tools is explained by the following factors:

  • is simple and easy to apply;
  • active substances in them are highly bioavailable;
  • analgesic effect occurs quickly;
  • since suppositories have a local effect, the anesthetics contained therein do not adversely affect the liver and kidneys.

Anestesol Hemorrhoid Candles harmoniously combine all of the above properties. Because of this, they are a universal tool and are popular in patients with different stages and forms of the disease.

How does Anestezol help with hemorrhoids?

Enough complete information can tell about the candles from hemorrhoids Anesthesol instruction that is necessarily present in each package of this drug. Having studied it carefully, you can find out that Anestezol is a very complex composition, which includes a large number of components. The main ones are benzocaine, menthol, bismuth subhallate, zinc oxide.

The optimal percentage of all these elements gives Anestezol a strong analgesic effect. Candles from hemorrhoids with anestezinom can stop, like aching, persistent pain, which is characteristic for the chronic form of this disease, and to remove acute painful sensations occurring during the exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Anestesol contributes to the natural process of cleansing the intestine, because its composition includes substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The presence of menthol provokes the return to normal of enlarged hemorrhoids. Therefore, the lumen in the rectum is released and becomes larger, which allows the intestines to freely and easily empty. The astringent and drying effect provides these candles with hemorrhoids a presence in the composition of the bismuth sub-gallate. This component enhances the regenerative properties of the rectum and anus tissues, promotes the growth of cells that play the role of replacing the formed defects of inflamed cavities. The healing action is also exerted by zinc oxide.

Indications for the use of Anestesol for hemorrhoids

Candles with anesthetics are recommended for therapy, both external hemorrhoid form and internal. Suppositories from hemorrhoids with anesthetic not only relieve chronic pain, but also alleviate the suffering of the patient in the event of an acute attack. This remedy proved to be excellent in the elimination of microcracks and fistulas located both in the rectum and in the region of the anus. The effective effect of the drug is also observed with thrombosed hemorrhoids. It is possible to use this type of suppository for patients during pregnancy and lactation.

The main advantage of Anestezol for women in this period is its positive regenerative effect on the affected and deformed tissues. Using these candles with anesthesia from hemorrhoids, you will greatly facilitate the process of defecation, while the compression of the sphincter will be virtually painless.

Instructions for the use of candles Anestezole from hemorrhoids

When treating hemorrhoids with anesthesol, you need to know the following information:

  • the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved if you apply the suppository immediately after the act of defecation or after the cleansing enema;
  • the area of ​​the anus must be thoroughly washed and wiped with a soft cloth( towel);
  • before use, the package is removed from the candle, the suppository is carefully inserted into the anal canal;
  • procedure should be performed quickly, so that the suppository does not begin to melt in the hands;

In the normal course of the course of treatment, it is sufficient to conduct 10 similar procedures, but if the case is a neglected form, the therapy is continued for up to 14 days.

As practice shows, rectal suppositories from hemorrhoids with anesthetic are most often placed in the anus at night. This provides the highest therapeutic effect, since at night the parasympathetic system is the most active. In addition, during sleep, suppositories placed in the rectum do not cause any discomfort and do not bring any discomfort to people.

Despite the recommendations on the dosage of this medication outlined in the attached instructions, it is best to use Anestezin suppositories only after consulting a physician.

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