Causes of left eye pain

1 Manifestations of eye ailments

Such pain can be different: from almost invisible to a person to a very strong one. You can not independently determine why the left eye hurts. This can only be done by a doctor.

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The left eye( like the right one) can be isolated for the following reasons:

  1. The eye muscle apparatus is affected. If the eye appears to be a significant load for a long time, then usually they begin to ache. It happens from a long reading, while working on the computer. Pain sensations are usually accompanied by two organs at a time. Eyes turn red, tear. The person feels in them something superfluous, which in fact is not present.
  2. Inside the eye, pressure increased. Such pain is pursued by one eye. Exposed to it are people of more mature age( from 40 years).This is one of the symptoms of glaucoma. It begins because of the disorders that occur when the fluid outflows inside the eye. The latter is accumulated - the eyeball is stretched. The patient can not look at everything that is lit up too brightly. But if the pain begins to subside, then this is an unfavorable factor. This means that the pain receptors began to die. This condition requires urgent hospitalization. If you do not provide timely treatment, then the optic nerve will atrophy, and the eye will go blind.
  3. Injury of the eye. Pain begins regardless of the extent of the lesion: ingestion of a mote or injury, when the integrity of the visual organ is impaired. Do not try to help yourself or anyone, it is better to contact a specialist in the clinic.
  4. Infectious infection. If you get into an eye infection, for example, with trauma, it starts to hurt. Infection can also be infiltrated with blood from the foci of inflammation inside other organs. The causative agents are various microorganisms.

2 Third-Party Diseases

In vascular diseases, the pain usually overtakes both eyes. But sometimes it hurts only the left organ of vision. For example, this condition occurs in autoimmune pathologies: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus. Painful sensations are accompanied by eye dryness, low tearing.

The left eye can also hurt with diabetic angiopathy. This is a complication of diabetes, affecting the blood vessels of the body.

From neurological pathologies that respond to pain in the left organ of vision, it can be noted migraine in female representatives or cluster pain in the male half of patients. In addition to eye ailment, a person has nausea and vomiting, exhausting pain in the left or right side of the head( depending on what eye it hurts), dizziness. Patients often complain that there are some symptoms that predict the onset of eye pain and all other signs of the disease. These are characteristic luminous spots before the eyes and discomfort in the eyeball. Left-sided pain occurs if the focus of the migraine is located on the left side. If the migraine develops on the right, then the right eye and the corresponding half of the head hurts. In men with cluster pain, discomfort is accompanied by a sudden reddening of the eyeball.

Another cause of the development of this pain can be the defeat of any nerve, for example, the oculomotor. These are different types of neuritis that develop after eye injury or as a result of toxic damage to nerve endings in the skull.

3 What else can cause the disease?

The cause of discomfort in the left eye may be an allergy to some substance. In addition to pain, the eye can become watery. An experienced ophthalmologist can easily diagnose this condition of the patient, since there are a number of other symptoms that are specific for allergies. For example, a cold or redness in the eye, which is very specific. There is an itching of the eyes. Perhaps the development of conjunctivitis of the allergic type.

If the allergen is identified, then it is not difficult to get rid of pain in the body of vision, as well as from other symptoms. And if it is not clear what the organism responded to with an allergic reaction, then it is necessary to visit the allergist doctor urgently.

Pain in the left eye can cause contact lens wear. If it is improperly chosen, then discomfort is ensured. But sometimes there are people whose eyes tear off any contact lenses, even the best manufacturers. To determine whether or not to wear lenses, a doctor will help.


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Pain in the left organ of vision( as in the right one) can cause hyperthermia, that is, if a person has significantly increased body temperature. The cause of this can be any situation: a cold, flu or something else. If you lower the temperature, the pain will pass.

Another cause of pain in the eye is shingles. This is a very dangerous condition, threatening complete blindness. Only a doctor will help cope with the ailment.

4 First aid

Do not yourself find out why the eye hurts. It is better to consult an ophthalmologist. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication, if necessary. It is possible that you will need to be treated for the underlying ailment - the one that causes eye pain.

The patient can help himself, using folk remedies. But this does not replace the treatment, but only alleviates the pain.

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These tools include washing the eyes with various decoctions of medicinal plants: chamomile, plantain and all that the doctor advises. It is possible to wash eyes with usual tea brewing.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended that all people follow basic hygiene rules. Do not overwork your eyes while you are at the computer or reading in poor light. The eyes need rest.

Has a good effect on gymnastics and the use of special drops. It is necessary to constantly use vitamins and minerals. This helps to strengthen the protective functions of the eyes and the whole body as a whole.

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