Teas for colitis

Recently, colitis is suffering an increasing number of people. This is facilitated by an accelerated rhythm of life, accompanied by constant stress, addictions and eating disorders. To ensure that the therapy of this unpleasant disease is more effective, the patient must comply with the appropriate diet.

It should facilitate the work of the digestive organ, damaged by the inflammatory process. During it is recommended and the use of both slightly boiled black or green, and various herbal teas. These drinks, although they bear the same name, as well as collected from one bush, have different taste qualities, and the effect it exerts on organisms is different.

Benefits and harm of black tea in colitis

Probably not find someone who does not like to enjoy a freshly brewed, strong and fragrant black tea. With colitis this drink can also be consumed, since it has an excellent property to regulate due to the process of digestion contained in it. Therefore, after eating a cup of this drink after eating, it is necessary for the assimilation of the eaten at dinner to pass faster, and this, in turn, prevents possible diseases of the digestive organs.

Only to drink teas in colitis should follow certain rules, so that instead of the expected benefit, do not cause additional damage to the digestive organs:

  • A black tea prepared for use by a patient with colitis should be slightly brewed, since the caffeine contained in it can provoke tachycardia, insomnia and fastfatigue, which is dangerous for an organism afflicted with a serious ailment;
  • The temperature of the drink should be at room temperature, as in the case when drinking is hot, it causes a thermal burn of the damaged mucosa;
  • Saccharum in black tea with colitis should be placed in minimum quantities, and it is better to replace it with natural honey.

This drink is useful for any disorders of the intestine, as it has good antibacterial properties that help to remove all kinds of microbes from the body that can provoke such pathologies of the digestive tract. But the best variant of this drink for a patient with colitis is still green tea, since under the condition of proper brewing it is a more curative product in terms of its pharmacological action and chemical composition. In addition, during the brewing, the mineral content in it remains much greater than in the black.

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