Treatment enemas in colitis, treatment with microclysters with chamomile and oil

When there are painful sensations in colitis, cleansing and treatment enemas can be used. Cleansing type enemas are classified into immediately acting and having a deferred effect. With therapeutic microclysters, which act immediately, stimulation of the intestinal activity occurs due to the temperature regime and the volume of the liquid. In this case, the procedure uses from 1/2 to 1 liter of water at a temperature regime of 22-23 degrees. With the use of cleansing microclysters in colitis, it is worth considering the fact that when using cold water, spasm of the intestine is caused. Water is injected uniformly under a small pressure indicator to avoid the appearance of an intestinal spasm and eruption at a rapid pace.

Microclystia, which has a prolonged effect, and which is introduced into the gut, should remain in it for some time. The action of the medicine begins only after a certain time. To achieve the desired result, use oily agents, or water-oil suspensions. The temperature of the liquid must be room or heated to 30 degrees. Treatment of colitis by enema is carried out by introducing into the cavity of the rectum an oily liquid that begins to gradually spread upwards along the course of the cavity of the large intestine, which separates dense stool from the intestinal walls. At the same time, peristalsis is stimulated.

Therapeutic enemas in colitis

The aim of such enemas is to bring locally active substances to the immediate surface of the inflammatory process. The most popular use of working fluid in the form of infusions or other kinds of medicines, which have astringent, enveloping and anti-inflammatory effect. Therapeutic enemas differ from purifying enemas in the case of spastic or atonic colitis, and local action has a positive effect in any type of disease.

It has been observed that the most effective treatment for colitis is the administration of an enema with chamomile infusion. The recommended volume for this procedure is 500-700 ml.solution, with a temperature regime of the working fluid of 36-38 degrees, which ensures a good absorption of the drug by inflamed intestinal walls. It should be noted that the lower the temperature of the liquid, the worse the absorption of the drug goes, and if the temperature is too high, a mucosal burn can be obtained.

It is worth remembering that the preferred option is the use of soft microcystic tips, although causing some difficulty in administering, but eliminating the possibility of traumatizing the intestinal walls, which is not uncommon in the use of hard-tip tips, especially when the enema is self-administered. Mostly, the course of therapeutic enemas with chamomile in colitis will be from 7 to 21 days, several times a day.

Preparation of solutions for enemas with colitis

1 tablespoon of chamomile requires 200 ml of steep type of boiling water. The infusion is closed with a dense lid and is kept for half an hour in a warm place. Infusion of chamomile is not necessary to boil, enough to strain and apply in a warm form.

For 1 teaspoon of calendula and yarrow, 250 ml of steep type of boiling water is used, it is insisted for half an hour, and it is poured into a thermos bottle.

One tablespoon of Rotocana requires 0.5 liters of water.

Colitis in colitis should be performed 1 time in the morning, 1 time - in the day time, and 1 time - in the night, depending on the prescription of the doctor.

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