Oncoscreening of the whole body and oral cavity: indications, price in Moscow

In oncology as well as in any other field of medicine, the most important success factor to overcome pathology is the definition of the problem in a stage when it did not overgrow with a mass of consequences and complications, but only began to develop. Such a possibility is provided by a complex of studies - oncoscreening.

The concept of

Early diagnosis makes it possible to detect the disease at the initial stages of development. In this form, a cancerous tumor can be cured in most cases. The problem is that at this stage the disease does not give symptoms.

The study can focus on specific organs, systems or cover the entire body.

There are developed packages for the examination of women's problems or aimed at diagnosing the male body taking into account their characteristics.


When is oncoscreening indicated? Because the disease in the early stages usually does not manifest itself, and the latent period can last for a while, periodic monitoring of your health will not hurt anyone.

But there are categories of people( risk group) who are instructed to be more attentive to the prevention of cancer and to monitor the overall picture, so that when a problem arises, find it as early as possible.

This applies to people in the history of which there are one or more items from the list below.

  • A tendency to the appearance of neoplasms is noted. Benign tumors under certain circumstances can degenerate into malignant structures. This process is called malignancy. Education of benign nature does not necessarily become a cancerous tumor. They belong to the category of non-dangerous pathologies:
    • osteomas,
    • cysts,
    • chondromas,
    • hemangiomas
    • and other formations.

    The fact of the presence of such tumors or the tendency to the appearance of such formations puts a person at risk. Because there is a danger of malignization of pathology. According to statistics, this process captures several percent of the total number of benign formations.

  • Heredity causes caution. There is an observation that if relatives have cancer, then such a person can also be susceptible to this disease. These people are at risk. And, if onkozabolevanie suffered relatives of the first line, then the danger of inheriting the disease is brighter. The further the relationship of people with cancer, the lower the risk of a malignant tumor. This factor is considered by a specialist in the making of an anamnesis of the patient. It is recommended that a person periodically make oncological scans.
  • The age of the patient after 35 years is also a risk factor. Cancer patients became younger than in the recent past. According to statistics after 35 years the number of diseases is increasing.
  • If a person undergoes the stresses of , then he is in a dangerous zone for the appearance of oncology. The stressful situation lowers the immunity and opens the way to many diseases. Cancerous tumors are among them.
  • Bad habits or living in a zone with a negative environmental situation are a real threat to the state of the immune system and the onset of cancer.
  • People who want to be cheerful for a long time and keep their health in good health are oncological in order not to miss the onset of a dangerous illness.

What research does oncoscreening involve?

Diagnosis, called oncoscreening, in each center depends on the equipment that the medical institution is equipped with.

If a similar study has already been carried out, the patient fills out a form indicating its results.

  • The study is performed on a computer tomograph. All the trunk from the neck to the thigh is diagnosed. The slice pitch is half a millimeter. Such a detailed study can detect a problem when it is only scheduled and has a size of 1 mm. For better observation of the condition of certain types of tissues, for example, vessels, a contrast solution may be administered to the patient. The scan is performed before it is activated and after the introduction.
  • Diagnosis is performed using a magnetic resonance imager. Such equipment during the study excludes the presence of radiation for the patient.
  • There can be a combined study of , when the procedure involves both computer diagnostics and a magnetic resonance imager, while images are superimposed. This procedure makes it possible to obtain a color image of the problem areas. This is due to the fact that malignant formation has an increased metabolism of cells and such a section will turn out in the image highlighted in color.

Cancer screening usually includes such procedures:

  • laboratory tests: a detailed blood test,
  • computer diagnostics consistently of all organs:
    • of the chest,
    • of the abdominal cavity,
    • in the pelvic area;
  • ultrasound examination of the thyroid,
  • tomography of the brain.

For men

Oncoscreening for men The list of procedures is:

  • urine test( clinical),
  • blood test( biochemistry),
  • blood test( clinical),
  • analysis using oncomarkers:
    • Cyfra 21-1 - oncomarker shows the presence or absence of lung cancer;
    • PSA determine the total and free indicator - according to these data, experts are looking at whether there is prostate cancer;
    • CEA - the indicator can give information about a possible malignant disease:
      • of the rectum,
      • of the stomach,
      • of the lung,
      • of the colon,
      • of the prostate;
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Oncoscreening, covering the entire body;
  • video colonoscopy together with an anesthetic tool,
  • specialist consultation:
    • oncologist who will analyze the results of oncoscreening,
    • urologist,
    • therapist.

For women

A set of procedures to take into account women's problems:

  • special cervical test for cancer cells,
  • gynecologist examination,
  • blood test( biochemistry),
  • blood test( clinical),
  • urine test( clinical),
  • analysis withthe purpose of checking for oncomarkers:
    • CEA - the possibility of determining the oncology:
      • of the rectum,
      • of the large intestine,
      • of the lung,
      • of the stomach,
      • of the breast,
      • of the ovaries,
      • of the uterus;
    • ROMA - oncomarker shows the presence or absence of ovarian cancer,
    • Cyfra 21-1 - check for lung cancer,
    • CA 15-3 - the definition of a possible oncology of the breast.

Oncoscreening of the oral cavity

There is a simple test that allows you to test the oral cavity for the possible presence of foci of the beginning cancer. For this, the patient is offered to perform:

  • mouth rinsing with a special solution, the
  • specialist performs cavity inspection, wearing glasses designed for this procedure and lighting the cavity with a special flashlight;the interaction of the solution and the flow of light show the smallest foci of the disease( in this place a discoloration occurs).

Total body analysis price

The average price for oncoscreening in Moscow is 24,000 rubles.

What is the essence, what are the advantages and indications for oncoscreening application, this video program will tell:

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