Persistent diarrhea( diarrhea) after eating

In the event that a person constantly has diarrhea after eating, it is a functional form of diarrhea. It occurs very often and delivers multiple problems to ill people by their manifestations. But not every person goes to the doctor with this ailment. Many people hope that the liquid stool that appears constantly during or after a meal, will pass by itself, or try to drown it with medicinal and folk remedies. Do this without consulting an experienced specialist is not recommended, because the diarrhea that occurs after eating constantly, there are multiple causes, without eliminating which completely eliminate the manifestation of the liquid stool is not possible. Only an experienced doctor with the help of appropriate research can correctly identify the prerequisites of pathology and prescribe the most appropriate therapy, which is guaranteed to save the patient from the problems with the chair. The most common causes are the following, which provoked the appearance of watery feces during a meal:

  • Permanent diarrhea after eating appears with dysbiosis. This disease is characterized by a violation of the intestinal microflora. It can develop due to a violation of diet or long-term use of antibiotics. With this pathology, the body can not cope with the digestion of products caught in it, and seeks to get rid of them more quickly. This, accordingly, leads to a loose stool;
  • Infectious bowel disease can also cause permanent diarrhea after eating. This reason, although occurs less frequently than others, but is the most dangerous. In her, the body releases the digestive organs through the liquid stool from the food that is dangerous to it. To eliminate this painful condition, it is first necessary to get rid of its underlying cause, which is performed with the help of medicamental methods;
  • Violations in the nervous system also lead to the emergence of persistent diarrhea after eating. This disease is popularly called "bear disease", and is scientifically classified as IBS.A person can face this abnormal gastrointestinal dysfunction during a period of prolonged stress or a large psychoemotional load. Very often there is a permanent diarrhea after eating with students, at a time when the session is taking place. Neurogenic diarrhea in this case is only one part of the whole complex of symptoms, which usually provokes a stressful condition in the patient.

Permanent diarrhea after eating, treatment methods

If such intestinal dysfunction as diarrhea occurs, immediately getting rid of loose stool is not recommended, as watery stool cleanses the digestive organs from the pathogenic microorganisms that populate them. But due to the fact that the constant output after the liquefied feces meal in large volume violates the water-salt balance, and contributes to the development of dehydration, it is necessary to take emergency measures to prevent this. With frequent diarrhea, first of all you need to adjust the drinking regime. The amount of liquid used should be significantly increased. Due to this, you can restore the water lost by the body. During a persistent diarrhea that occurs after a meal, it is best to drink mineral water, herbal decoctions or special solutions from the pharmacy.

It is also necessary to organize the correct diet. With persistent diarrhea that occurs after eating, large breaks between meals are unacceptable. In addition, the use of such products, which will irritatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, or intensify the intestinal peristalsis, is also not recommended. All dishes should be easily assimilated, and not contain in their composition foods rich in indigestible fiber.

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