What kind of pills for worms for an adult, how correctly to give in the treatment of helminths, names, what can be drunk, what cheap and safe actions?

With the advent of helminths in an adult or child, anyone can come across today, but few know what simple medicines can best help with this scourge and not cause side effects. Tablets from worms are represented by a modern pharmacological industry in a very wide range, but all known names of medicines that are found in pharmacies are quite toxic and can easily provoke the emergence of unpleasant consequences if you engage in self-medication or disrupt the scheme of their appointment, appointed by a specialist. Only a parasitologist may, before prescribing any medicine, explain exactly how to give a tablet of worms to a specific person, and what effect it will give. In order not to have any negative consequences from taking anthelmintic drugs, it is mandatory to observe the duration of the course and the therapy regimen recommended for each drug. What kind of trouble can arise if you treat the recommendations of a specialist scornfully?

Tablets from worms, taken in less than the required amount, do not cause the death of parasites. This is dangerous because they are still uncomfortable, and they begin to migrate through the human body in search of a more peaceful place for further localization. In this case, parasites get to where they normally should not be, and create a state that threatens the life of an adult or child. For example, untreated ascarids begin to move from the intestine to the respiratory tract and lungs, often causing strangulation. Also, after improperly drunk tablets that remove these worms, they can easily crawl into the liver or pancreas, violating the work of these organs;

Tablets from worms, prescribed by people themselves on their own, for preventive purposes, after walking in nature or drinking raw water, can cause significant harm to their toxicity, so do not. All prescriptions for medications should remain the prerogative of a specialist;

It also happens that a certain tool creates a false impression about the death of the helminth. It only inhibits the reproduction of the parasite, and does not kill it. In this case, the analysis of the person will be clean, because the female worm has stopped laying eggs under the action of the tablets and they are absent in the feces.

Names of tablets from worms in humans

Such troubles can arise not only in violation of the treatment regimen, but also when an unsuitable analogue of the drug prescribed by a specialist is chosen. That's why you should know the names of the drugs that have the least side effects, whether the helminths are taken from the whole family, and whether it is possible to buy them without a prescription. This will help in choosing low-cost and safe at least for an adult, even for a child of worm tablets:

  • Helmizole, worm tablets that have a wide enough spectrum of action and are very often prescribed by specialists to all family members against many types of parasites, are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and areone of the cheapest drugs. If taken correctly, they kill not only mature individuals, but also the larvae of many helminths. Helmizole helps in both intestinal and pulmonary forms of invasion;
  • Such worm-like pills, like Helmintox, help against round parasites. They cause them to have a neuromuscular blockade. This provokes their expulsion from the body without stimulating the affected worms to migrate and excite them. Such a drug as Helmintox, you can drink and children and adults. They give it in invasions caused by hookworms, ascarids and pinworms;
  • Mebendazole worm tablets are also quite safe and inexpensive drug intended for treatment of the whole family and sold in all out-of-the-box pharmacies. Cheap tablets from worms Mebendazole( the most common name Vermox) is a synthetic antiparasitic medication, which has a wide range of applications. When these pills are taken, there is a change in the energy processes of the worms, they are also well tolerated by people of any age and have virtually no side effects.

All cheap medicines from worms are available in the form of suspensions, conventional or chewable tablets. The chewing form and suspension are considered to be the best over-the-counter products used to treat and prevent the whole family, both adults and young children. Separately I would like to talk about such antiparasitic medications as Aldazol, Centel, Azinox, Piperazine. They have enough positive feedback from many patients with this problem. Photos of these drugs can be found on multiple pharmacological sites and use it to avoid making mistakes when buying at a pharmacy.

Tablets for the prevention of worms Aldazole

They are usually given to a person in case of suspected infection with parasitic worms. You can drink them from the age of 3 children if there is a pet in the house, especially one that can walk freely along the street. Aldazole is an inexpensive broad-spectrum drug that is effective against a large number of worms. These tablets have a rapid effect during preventive measures against both intestinal and tissue parasites, as well as their eggs and larvae.

Aldazol, which excretes parasitic worms well, should be given to people of any age with food, for preventive or curative purposes. The daily dose of these tablets from worms is recommended to be taken correctly, at the same time. If after 3 weeks the result is not achieved, the specialist will prescribe another scheme of therapeutic measures. In the event that this safe drug is prescribed to a child who is difficult to swallow, you can grind the tablet and allow it to drink with enough water. The scheme of therapy of helminthic invasions with this drug is determined by a specialist based on the type of disease, as well as the weight and age of the patient.

Tablets from worms Centel

This drug is recommended to take only from 2 years, for babies it is contraindicated. It is produced in the form of a suspension, which is given to the child and tablets that remove worms from an adult. Zentel violates the functions of the microtubule apparatus in the body of parasites, which kills them and removes them from the human body. This drug is also quite cheap and safe, which makes it indispensable in therapeutic activities against such species of helminths as nematodes, cestodes and trematodes. Zentel is accepted before meals, the therapeutic course lasts for 3 weeks. If there is no visible effect, the specialist will be assigned a second course.

Tablets from worms Azinox

Based on the information presented in the instructions of Azinox, it affects a large number of cestodias and trematodes. Praziquantel, which is an active component of Azinox, affects all pathogenic pathogens, both in humans and animal diseases, provoked by the activity of flat worms and trematodes. In addition, tablets from the worms of Azinox help to get rid of the intestinal flukes.

The instructions to the preparation also indicate that it has two properties that affect sensitive helminths. If these anti-tablets are used in small doses, the activity of the parasite muscles is increased, after which they experience spastic paralysis due to increased muscle contraction. The use of it in large doses damages the outer covers of worms.but this drug is highly toxic, so its use to eliminate parasites without prior consultation with a specialist is highly discouraged.

Tablets from worms Piperazine

The pharmacological effect of this drug is due to the active substance contained in it, piperazine adipate, paralyzing the nematodes with an efficiency of about 95%.Piperazine is prescribed for infection with ascarids or pinworms. But take it with caution and after a conversation with a specialist. This is necessary for the reason that because of an overdose of these tablets from worms, the patient may experience muscle weakness and tremor. To eliminate the effects of poisoning, it is necessary to wash the stomach and take adsorbents and salt laxative. Also, due to an overdose, various neurologic abnormalities may occur.

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