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The combination of chest discomfort and sore throat is common. This condition indicates a variety of ailments. To cope with the problem, you need to go to the doctor and do research.

Sore throat and chest

This symptom is a signal to a person. He talks about the development of a variety of ailments. Pain in the chest is always frightening, because they usually talk about heart damage. But in this area other important organs are localized:

  • respiratory organs;
  • large blood vessels;
  • digestive organs;
  • muscle and nerve fibers.

The defeat of each of these elements can provoke discomfort in the throat and chest.

Reasons for

A variety of factors can lead to this clinical picture. To determine the cause, it is worth to see a doctor.

Inflammatory diseases

Symptoms are caused by such ailments:

  1. Bronchiolitis is a disease of bronchioles. In this case, there is coughing, shortness of breath, breathing disorders, whistling with exhalation.
  2. Tracheitis is a tracheal injury. In this case, a burning sensation is observed. Often there is pain in the chest, which occurs in the upper region. An unproductive cough may occur.
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  3. Bronchitis is a lesion of the bronchi. Characterized by a dry cough, which then gives way to more productive. Often there is pain in the chest. With bronchospasm there are difficulties with exhalation.
  4. Pneumonia is a pathology of lung tissue. There are difficulties with breathing - suffers both inhalation and exhalation. With strong breaths, there is a cough. Often pale skin.
  5. Laryngotracheitis. He has a hoarse voice, difficulty breathing, a rough cough.

Digestive problems

Chest pain is caused by pathology of the digestive tract. There is a lump in the throat, often there is a burp, perspiration. Such manifestations confirm the diseases of the stomach, esophagus. In addition, the duodenum may suffer.

With a lesion of the chest, one can suspect problems in the work of the esophagus - esophagospasm. Such signs appear sharply at different times of the day. They are present after eating, during physical exertion and even in sleep. In addition, there is a perspiration in the throat, belching.

Esophagus is located near the heart, therefore, with this pathology, manifestations resemble angina pectoris. With a spasm of the esophagus there is a risk of a pressing coma in the throat and a pain in the chest. Pain is felt between the shoulder blades, in the armpits. If the contents of the stomach penetrate the esophagus, burning occurs. Under stress, the patient's condition worsens.

Another anomaly with such manifestations is a hernia of the esophagus. Symptoms increase with inclination or in a supine position. There is a risk of burning pain behind the sternum, dryness in the oral cavity, burping and perspiration.

With reflux, there are pains in the lower part of the chest. This is due to the problem with the sphincters of the stomach. An eructation leads to heartburn. It causes pain and burning.

With pathologies of the gallbladder or pancreas, too, there is pain. Often the symptoms worsen after eating. The patient has dryness in the oral cavity, pain behind the breastbone, discomfort in the epigastrium. Belching does not help to cope with the weight.

Chest pain as a signal of heart and digestive problems:

Injuries to

Any damage can lead to chest pain. These include:

  • lung injury;
  • esophageal rupture;
  • lesions of the bronchi;
  • rib fractures.

All these conditions provoke severe pain, intoxication, an increase in temperature.

Other causes of

Data are shown typical of such anomalies:

  • aneurysm;
  • neurosis;
  • angina;
  • of the cervical region - hernia, osteochondrosis;
  • acute form of pericarditis.

Stenocardia suffers blood circulation in the heart, which leads to sudden pain, chest tightness. Often there is a fear of death. The pain persists for several minutes, after which it passes.

Pericarditis is characterized by a prolonged presence of pain pricking. It is localized behind the breastbone and gives to the upper abdomen, neck, throat. Discomfort increases with inspiration, coughing and swallowing.

With osteochondrosis, there is a risk of chest pain. In addition, there is numbness of the extremities and discomfort in the throat. A combination of pain in the throat and chest can speak of a neurosis.

Causes of sore throat

Symptom after a previous

disease This symptom may be caused by infectious anomalies. The main of them are ARVI, which are the result of infection with viruses. Most often this condition is accompanied by pain in the chest and throat. Often enlarged lymph nodes.

These symptoms may be the result of infectious anomalies:

  1. Allergy. In addition to pain, it provokes swelling and coughing.
  2. Neurocirculatory dystonia. Causes spasms in the throat and muscle tissue. In addition, there is pain.
  3. Penetration of a foreign object into the throat. It provokes not only pain, but also coughing.
  4. Adverse environmental conditions. These signs may be associated with chemicals. All this provokes irritation of the throat and respiratory organs.

When to call an

doctor urgently If you do not start treatment in time, some illnesses can lead to dangerous consequences. So, the doctor should address in such situations:

  • the appearance of a cough and an increase in temperature;
  • increase in the number of coughing attacks;
  • severe malaise;
  • infringement of inhalations and exhalations;
  • presence of cough for a week;
  • excretion of mucus with bloody impurities;
  • pallor of the face.


If you have problems, you need to consult a therapist, a neurologist and a pulmonologist. If the causes of pain can not be identified, a number of studies should be performed:

  • a general blood test;
  • chest radiography;
  • tuberculin test;Sputum culture.

Treatment of

Because these symptoms indicate different pathologies, self-medication is strictly prohibited. Therapy depends on the cause of the disease.

With heart pathology, the doctor prescribes drugs to improve blood circulation. If there is evidence, arrhythmia can be used. Thanks to this, it will be possible to prevent a heart attack.

For pathology of the lungs, antimicrobial agents or antiviral drugs should be used. If there is a problem with blood supply to the lungs, medicines are shown to improve blood properties. This facilitates its movement through the vessels.

In the defeat of the digestive organs are shown antispasmodics. Also, funds can be prescribed to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. If neuralgia is diagnosed, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. With a hernia, there is a need for surgery.

What does chest pain say:

What is dangerous is the condition of

The consequences depend on the cause. Sometimes heart disease or digestive system leads to death.


The prognosis is determined by the nature of the pathology. Usually, viral diseases are treated quite simply. If the cause lies in heart disease, there is a need for complex therapy.

How to identify a dangerous pain in the throat and chest:


To maintain health, you need to adhere to such rules:

  • to temper the body;
  • include vitamins in the diet;
  • to control the humidity of the air;
  • to quit smoking;
  • change the toothbrush more often;
  • gargle with soda-salt solutions;
  • to ventilate the room;
  • Avoid exposure to allergens;
  • is more likely to walk outdoors.

Pain sensations can be a symptom of a variety of ailments. To cope with the disease, you need to see a doctor who will choose the optimal complex therapy.

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