The causes of diarrhea in adults( watery, watery diarrhea), why is the stool like water?

Anyone at least once in his life encountered such a physiological problem as diarrhea. In case of leakage without additional severe symptoms, considerable dilution of stool, vomiting and temperature, it does not pose a particular danger. An adult without any special consequences and easily suffers this dysfunction of the intestine, which does not have a prolonged course. But when the feces are almost impossible to hold, as they come out with water, this is fraught with a serious threat. There can be many reasons for this state. Based on these, several types of diarrhea can be distinguished:

  • Neurogenic type of pathology is caused by stresses, fears, fear of any situations and strong emotional experiences;
  • When poisoning with mercury or arsenic there is a toxic type of disease;
  • The cause of watery diarrhea can also be the negative effect of excessive amounts of medicines. This is medication diarrhea;
  • Dyspeptic type of pathology may appear due to the fact that the food is not digested correctly. This is due to the secretion of the negative intestinal enzymes or lack of secretion in the stomach;
  • Diarrhea as water, the cause for which is the emergence of viral dysentery or food-borne toxic infection is contagious.

To know these causes of diarrhea with water is necessary in order to take urgent measures in time to eliminate them. If an adult has diarrhea with water for a long time, he causes tenesmus, a constant rumbling in the abdomen and bloating, heartburn, exhaustion of the body. The danger of such diarrhea is also that it can be provoked by a wide variety of diseases, most of which are quite dangerous and may well lead to a fatal outcome of the patient if he is not adequately provided with adequate medical assistance on time.

The cause of diarrhea is a dangerous disease

Symptoms of various types of diarrhea need to be known in order to seek medical help as soon as possible and avoid dangerous consequences:

  • The cause of severe diarrhea as water was the course of treatment with antibacterial drugs;
  • The person has all the signs of dehydration;
  • Some time after the onset of diarrhea, the patient experienced difficulty breathing and swallowing, weakness in muscles and movements;
  • The liquid stool in the patient is very plentiful, with a lot of mucus, and has lasted for more than 48 hours;
  • The reason for watery diarrhea was the overseas trip.

This alarming symptomatology indicates that an urgent diagnostic study is needed to identify the prerequisites that caused the dilution of the stool. Only after its carrying out the expert can appoint adequate treatment.

All patients suffer diarrhea with water in different ways. It depends not only on the individual characteristics of the human body, but also on the causes that caused the disease. In the event that the liquid stool does not stop for a long time and is accompanied by vomiting, fever, tenesmus, false urge to defecate, the patient needs urgent medical attention.

Despite the fact that diarrhea is like water, you need to consume enough fluid with minerals and salts dissolved in it to prevent the development of dehydration. For the most part, patients with such symptoms, especially if accompanied by indomitable vomiting, are hospitalized and make up for lost by the body fluid through intravenous injections.

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